We put the sexy in dyslexia.

But seriously... why? 

We thought that launching a great roller coaster site with hard hitting information and pretty pictures would get us all the ladies.  Unfortunately, we started this during an age where women did not actually exist on the internet.  And then, before we knew it, this thing became a habit, like walking a dog.  Or burritos.  Mostly burritos.

Okay, but... who?

The site was founded by some lunatic named "Jim Disney," who... after he realized this was going to be the worst way to become famous, ran away to a Monastery in Tibet muttering "what would Rhode do?" 

In a violent coup, Albert Lam of Disneyphotoblography.com (and as a long-time Westcoaster contributor) took the site over.   


With our 2016 relaunch, you'll see a shift in content from Westcoaster, expanding beyond just theme parks and into other lifestyle events, and heavy coverage from every weiner dog race we can get our hands on.  Our major categories of content include:

Park Updates
The latest in construction at your favorite theme parks that you've come to know and love and sometimes dread from Westcoaster.

Theme Park Features
Pictures and write-ups of finished products, plus trips reports from non-local amusement parks.

Halloween Events
Photos and reviews from haunted attractions all around Southern California.

Guides and information to inspire and inform world explorers.  And basically an excuse to post vacation photos.

Museums, artsy fartsy stuff, and special local exhibitions and events around town.

Because Albert goes to a lot of music gigs and occasionally is even in a position to take nice-ish photos at said gigs.


Get it?

Get it?


All rights reserved, all lefts ignored.  You must wear pants at all times while reading Westcoaster in public... Westcoaster assumes no liabilities for any consequences of pant-less viewing of the site in public places, it's your own stupid fault if you get arrested again Uncle Touchy!

All views and opinions expressed on Westcoaster are strictly the views of the writers, unless the writer is a midget then screw it all...

Reader assumes responsibility for their own actions if they become offended by anything seen on this site.  It's not like we woke up thinking "Let's make your life a living hell."

Westcoaster is not affiliated officially with: Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Cedar Fair, LLC, Six Flags, Universal Parks and Resorts, Chuck E. Cheese, The Greater Pacoima Chamber of Commerce, Warner Brothers, Sony, or that dude passing out mixtapes like anywhere.

We would also like to apologize in advance to the Principality of Leichtenstein for any problems we might potentially cause and it is hoped that we don't inadvertently start World War 3 as a result.  And if we do, it was totally all Albert's fault.

The site's contributors are:

Jim Disney - Founder/Bossypants
Albert Lam - Writer/Photographer
Dan Angona - Photography/Grumpypants
Amy Stix - Tree Maintenance
Balthazaar the Gassy - I.T./Data Support
Your Mom - "Moral" Support