In and Around Ghost Town

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA

As long as we're spending some time at Knott's Berry Farm, why not take a broader look at Ghost Town?  Yesterday, we devoted plenty of attention to the marvelous Ghost Town Alive! experience, but the improvements to this area haven't been limited to the theatrical sort.  Pretty much everything has undergone refurbishment sometime over the past few years, and the result is a fantastic looking and fully immersive area that really brings guests back to the days of the Old West.  Lets take a look at the general atmosphere and architecture!

Walking Around Ghost Town

It doesn't hurt that a lot of these photos were taken during golden hour, which offers the best light for photography, but honestly, even without it, Ghost Town dazzles.   The facades have a gritty, rich texture, and the rustic feel of the Ghost Town streets really adds a pioneering vibe to the area.  These photos show a far cry from the dark, sinister corridors of Ghost Town Streets during Halloween Haunt, but you can't look at this and say this little area isn't as immersive as a Disney park.

New Calico Stage and Entertainment

When I first heard that the Calico Stage was being relocated from the east side of Calico Square across the tracks to the area formerly occupied by the Screaming Swing, I wondered how that would really work, since it would seem like there would be congestion caused by this reconfiguration.  I failed to account for just how much room the old attraction occupied.  Seeing the stage under construction now, clearly, there is plenty of space for a good Hanging crowd, or any of Knott's other seasonal marquee shows.

Of course, Ghost Town also offers an assortment of musical acts both inside and outside as well, which just offers more choices to pass the day.

Western Trails Museum

I realized that I had never really set foot in this museum of western history and memorabilia.  From clothing to guns to trinkets and more, this wonderful exhibit of Old West life features enough displays to warrant a good amount of time in and of itself.  It's fantastic that Knott's can offer authentic educational opportunities such as this.  That's part of the charm of the park that I remember from my own youth.  Being able to see tangible evidence of how people used to live is very cool.


I finally got a chance to ride the refurbished Ghostrider, and oh man, is it amazing!  The ride flies and packs the same forces as it did when it first opened (and even more, since the mid-course brake run has been removed), only it no longer gives riders concussions from the roughness of an intense wooden roller coaster that never received proper downtime and more extensive refurbishment.  Great Coasters, International has done a fantastic job reprofiling and modernizing this attraction, and while it's no Rocky Mountain Coasters ball of insanity, I think it actually fits Ghost Town better to keep Ghostrider looking like a traditional woodie.  Aesthetically, it provides a better blend, and now that the ride is running smoothly again, it's plenty breakneck for most people!

So that's Ghost Town in a brief nutshell.  There are areas like the relocated Pan of Gold attraction (by the entrance of Ghostrider), the Calico Railroad, and the Mine Ride and Log Ride that I didn't really photographically cover--all technically a part of Ghost Town.  Everything looks fantastic, and now is a great time to visit the park and explore the land that made Knott's Berry Farm America's first theme park.  And then when you're done, check out the rest of the park too!

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