Midsummer Scream 2016: Decayed Brigade

Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA

It's the end of the week, but that Midsummer Scream update train just keeps on rolling.  Today, we take a look at the fantastic Decayed Brigade sliding team and their incredible shows this past weekend.  The Decayed Brigade is a group of sliders from Knott's Scary Farm who train during the off season to have fun, stay in shape, practice for Halloween conventions like this one, and get ready for the Halloween Haunt.  Comprised of Scary Farm monsters both young and veteran, it's a fantastic family of hard working individuals who care about their scare.

Between their shows, the Decayed Brigade monsters could be found roaming the exhibition hall, scaring guests, goofing off, or relaxing at their booth next to the Hall of Shadows.  I took this time to hang out and snap photos of them.  After all, everyone knows how much of a camera hog haunt monsters are!

Over the weekend, Decayed Brigade performed three shows on each day of Midsummer Scream.  The shows across both days were the same, but each show per day was different.  The first show started with a basic level demonstration of sliding, jumps, and tricks for the early show and ended with a scripted accident that left the guests intentionally confused.  A more choreographed, theatrical, fun second show took place mid-afternoon, with movie and pop culture references and generally fantastic entertainment.

The end of the day was capped off by the difficult tricks and long distance jumping displays in the late show.  Both days, Double D was able to jump ten people to establish a new sliding public show record.  And if that's nothing, you the video below should illustrate how much of a challenge even lesser numbers are.

And what impressive shows they were!  I was able to catch five of the six, and I was left amazed each time.  Some of the acrobatics included tricks I had never seen or imagined before, such as flips, corkscrews, and even a record-setting ten people jumped by Double Dee--breaking his own record of nine set last year at Scare L.A.

If you're kicking yourself for not going to Midsummer Scream to see the Decayed Brigade, never fear!  They'll also be at Scare L.A. this weekend doing three shows each day, along with a panel and slider lessons on Sunday!  And if you can't make that, well, go hit up Knott's Scary Farm this season and find them in the fog...  Or better yet, they'll find you.

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