Gorlesque! Presents Paradise

Los Angeles, CA

As I mentioned in our coverage of Midsummer Scream and our Southern California 2016 Haunted Attraction Guide, one of the new haunts that has me quite interested is Gorlesque!, which bills itself as the "haunted burlesque."  This attraction is more adult oriented and, according to co-creator Pete Metzger, will have elements of a traditional haunted maze but also incorporate some theatrical and escape room qualities.  Jazzed up with a bit of sex appeal behind a story of cultish terror, and you have the makings of what could be a very unique hit.

Earlier this week, the team at Gorlesque announced this year's operation dates additional information for the haunted attraction, which will be located in Downtown Los Angeles.


Sexy Meets Scary in L.A.’s New Ghoulish Experience, PARADISE  

Los Angeles—GORLESQUE! THE TWISTED WORLD OF DR. WELTSCHMERZ (Gorlesque!) launches an all-new experience for L.A.’s scare fans called PARADISE, beginning Wednesday, October 19 with dates through Sunday, October 30.  A special press preview night will be held on Monday, October 17.  PARADISE is a mind-altering “haunted house”-style walkthrough experience with a sexy edge.

The experience offers a look into the twisted mind of the fictional late German scientist Dr. Weltschmerz, a man with a troubled past, a taste for beautiful women and an obsession with perfection. Long after his death, his followers formed “The Weltzie Society” to celebrate the teachings of the good doctor. Creepy perfection-obsessed “Weltzies” are the “hosts” for the evening.

Guests take a 20- to 30-minute journey through a magical “portal” that transports them to the Doctor’s version of “Paradise.” It is there that guests get a first-hand look at how twisted Dr. Weltschmerz’s psyche actually is – his obsession with sexy ladies and his desire to make them “perfect beings” for his amusement.

The Gorlesque! team, led by creators Pete Metzger and Wes Oakley, have years of experience producing haunted and Halloween events, live shows, short films and music videos.  Their design of PARADISE takes the public out of their comfort zone in a more cerebral way rather than with just “jump out at you” scares.  Special effects used in the “portal” distort the perception of gravity and reality, affecting visibility and balance and leaving the guest feeling appropriately unsettled.

“Most of the haunts in L.A. rely on gore to scare the guests,” says Pete. “We wanted to create an experience that’s a lot sexier and weird, but still a scary good time.” 

Pete and Wes were inspired by their own horror fan memories and favorite female archetypes like Blade Runner’s Pris and Heavy Metal’s Taarna.  Rather than the clichéd innocent-but-sexy-co-ed victim, Gorlesque! turns the tables by making the female characters the monsters.  “The screaming girl is the reason we’re screaming!” Wes says.



Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday October 19 - 23
8:00pm - Midnight

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday October 26 - 30
8:00pm - Midnight


224 E. 11th Street, Suite 501, LA, CA 90015
Fashion District, Downtown Los Angeles
Street parking is available.


Tickets on sale now at gorlesque.com
“Immediate Departure” (VIP) tickets are $40.
“Next Available Departure” tickets are also available for $30.

Timed tickets sold in 30 minute intervals with last ticket sold 30 minutes before closing. Guests MUST check in 15 minutes before scheduled time to guarantee entry.  

Due to sexual situations and violent themes, no one under 18 will be permitted.


Founded in 2014 by life-long haunted house enthusiasts Pete Metzger and Wes Oakley, GORLESQUE! adds a distinct mark to L.A.’s haunted house scene with its combination of rich storytelling, immersive sets and sexy fun.

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