California's Great America: Winterfest 2017

California's Great America, Santa Clara, CA


Jim let me out of the cage again. I guess I'm just his little puppet to do his bidding and go North when he doesn't want to. Either that or he's punishing me for sneaking into his burrito stash. 

But let's be honest, the dude can share. He has at any time, at least ten burritos in stock. 

So yeah...sorry not sorry. 


Anyway, I realize now that CGA is not DCA. For a while I was thinking I got in a plane and just rode around for a hour until we touched down and I got to go to Paradise Pier. But alas, here I am, in Santa Clara, where it's...wet. Like your mom. 

Alrighty, let us all feast our sight balls on wet jingle balls and soaked mistletoes. Why? 'Cause the night I went to CGA, it WAS RAINING. Which sucked because there were no crowds which means entertainment was light and not full scale but hey, at least we got pretty shots of a pretty park in the rain! Just check it out for yourself....

See? It's REALLY PRETTY. But not as pretty as what that nerd Albert can do with photos. Not jealous. 

So the crowds were super light from the rain, but to be honest, it was great getting to see the lights reflect and just enjoy the decorations. I just want to know how Jason Soyster had the time to put all this up on his own...

They really do a great job dressing up the parks for the holidays. Being that this is in their second year, it's great to see such good success with not only the execution, but the resonation with guests. Characters are top notch, theming is a lot of fun and really cute. They have a full candy cane lane/toy factory area that's a great walk-through. Snoopy's area is super stupid cute, and you'll see they added a tree lot, which I love.

There's a good amount of different areas though that tie into all different Christmas themes. Near Top Flight, it's the chaotic Mad-Russian's Christmas dancing lights. Snoopy's area ties into the charm of A Charlie Brown Christmas. The entrance is adorned with Icey style, as that's sorta obvious considering you CAN FREAKING ICE SKATE IN FRONT OF THE CAROUSEL. 

It really is a cute event. There's A LOT of photo ops, as well as some quality entertainment. It's a bummer the rain washed out the crowds on Sunday night, but if you pull up photos from opening night when y'know, it was sorta dryer (like your dad's humor), you'll see that this has become quite the Bay Area event. 

The Tinker Toy Show was adorable as hell. It's about an Elf that lost his Christmas spirit and has to find it before Santa rolls out to the world and drops gifts off like the pro that he is. Which..actually..isn't Santa just the USPS, only better? Anyway...yeah the show is really cute, and there's dancing and lights and festively fun music too. Like, ear-worm level music. 

Also, the North Pole is a great view to check out all the lights from up above. Like, it's Santa-eye-view of the park. Plus, it's a great break from walking. 

Alrighty, that about does it for this update. Winterfest is great. If you find yourself up in the Bay Area, GET YOUR BUTTS TO THE PARK TO SEE THIS, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE BECAUSE TICKETS ARE CRAZY CHEAP (Like taking Jim on a date, cheap). 

Now I gotta find my way back down to Southern California because some assclown didn't book my return flight. I'm beginning to think he doesn't want me back at the office....


Whatever. I'm taking a Megabus.