Halloween Time at Disneyland: 2018 Recap

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA

Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort! Today, we swing to Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom to see Halloween Time over there. If you missed our Halloween trek to California Adventure on Wednesday, check it out here.

Truth be told, this is mostly eye candy, as the autumn holiday line-up at Disneyland has remained generally unchanged in all the years it’s been overlaid. Still, spooky scenes are pretty and atmospheric, so lets take a photo venture through this happy—and during the fall season, eerie—place!

Haunted Mansion Holiday Returns

Halloween Time means the return of the Haunted Mansion Holiday from now through the winter holiday season. And within the Haunted Mansion Holiday is one of the few new features for Halloween Time, the gingerbread house in the ballroom scene! This is new annually, actually—a different structure and theme constructed just for the season. This year, the theme involves our intern’s greatest fear: spiders. So I guess that means we can’t send him to Disneyland through the rest of the year at all. Ah well. He really wanted to go, too.

Frontierland in the Fall

Paradise Park in California Adventure has its Coco-themed ovelay over by the Boardwalk restaurants area, but in Frontierland, Zocalo Park has the original Día de los Muertos display. Granted, that display has returned pretty much unchanged every year, and it’s a static representation of the Mexican holiday. But it does look pretty at night!

So does the other Frontierland Halloween fixture, the Halloween tree, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s iconic short story of the same name. It’s pretty awesome—a tree lit up and decorated for Halloween? If Christmas can have one, why not October 31st?

Tomorrowland Gets Space Spooky

Besides the Haunted Mansion, the other notable Halloween ride overlay occurs over in Tomorrowland, when Space Mountain transforms into Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy. No, not Goat’s Galaxy. That would be awesome, but Disneyland has now become a strict no-goat park (R.I.P. Big Thunder Ranch). So we get ghosts… in spaaaaace!! And it’s actually kind of thrilling.

I just wish they’d update the projections to higher fidelity effects. They certainly have the technology to cast much crisper, more vivid displays nowadays without sacrificing ambient darkness.

Main Street Halloween

Finally, as it does every year, Main Street is full of jack-o-lanterns and orange bunting and warm Halloween spirit. Each of the storefronts has been decorated to reflect that turn of the century Halloween charm and nostalgia. Anchoring Town Square is the ever-famous giant Mickey pumpkin photo op. At the other end of the land, jack-o-lanterns of Disney fare surround the Partners Statue.

These are the same decorations as have been used year after year, but they still are very pretty.

And just like in California Adventure, there is Halloween-inspired specialty food items at Disneyland Park. The Halloween Time Food Guide, available at many dining locations, lists what is where. This is the other side of the DCA Food Guide we showed off in our last update.

That is Halloween Time this year at Disneyland! There is also the separately ticketed Mickey’s Halloween Party for guests who want a less crowded experience and special features, such as trick-or-treating in the park, the Halloween Screams fireworks show, the Frightfully Fun Parade, the Cadaver Dans, and an enhanced nighttime Halloween atmosphere throughout the park.

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And with that, we’re done with Halloween things for this week. Next week will bring Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights and Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest—both of which we’ll be visiting this weekend. They will be decidedly less family-friendly than today’s update, but there will be haunted attraction eye candy nonetheless! Stay tuned, and stay spoopy, my friends.

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