Aiden Sinclair: Illusions of The Passed - A Review

Some days you might get invited to review immersive theater, some days you might get invited to music festivals… others you get something right in your wheel house. A good old fashioned magic show… err… ILLUSIONIST show. Yes, yes, Illusions. And sometimes it happens to be literally in your backyard at one of your favorite places on earth… yes, The Queen Mary.

This was one of those days, and this was one of those things, and yes, it was at one of these places.

Aiden Sinclair has finished a multi-year residency at the legendary Stanley Hotel (the hotel from The Shining) where he did another version of Illusions of The Passed. With some decent chops fooling people like Penn & Teller, and a stint on America’s Got Talent (though, like Piff The Magic Dragon, I do wish he had a chihuahua sidekick in a dragon costume… something all magicians need), he brings an interesting blend of mentalism, illusions and storytelling that is unique to the Queen Mary. Weaving stories from magical lore to the history of the ship itself, you’ll find yourself riveted for 90 minutes!


One of the most unique features of the show is the space it inhabits. Apart from being used as part of the Feast maze during 2017’s Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor event, this space is generally off limits to guests. So they did the logical thing and repurposed it as a creepy dark theater! When the ship was sailing from 1936-1967, the space was basically a storage room for mail forward of the Third Class lounge. The crew at the Queen Mary have taken a lot of time and have turned this space into a lounge (featuring some great cocktails) and a small theater to hold Illusions of The Passed!

The show itself takes you through stories of life, death and the afterlife. And given the Queen Mary’s storied past and legends of hauntings, it is a very worthwhile addition for the ship!


The show runs on select dates in the new Revenant Room on B-Deck forward aboard the Queen Mary. Pricing is $40 for general admission, $55 for VIP that gives you front row seating and an Aiden Sinclair poster. Guests attending Illusions of The Passed receive complimentary parking as well!

For more information, follow this link: Aiden Sinclair - Illusions of The Passed

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