Disneyland Resort Update: Fly-By Mini-Update Edition

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Hey, guys! I know we just had a Resort update from the World of Didney on Friday, but we caught a few developments on our trip this past weekend for the Food & Wine Festival (which we’ll get to later this week), and we wanted to zoom through them for your viewing pleasure.

Ready? Set? Blast off!!!

Or something.

Pixar’s Pinocchio Pal-A-Round and Fox and Friends and Friends and Associates Parking Structure featuring Marvel Motorpool and Star Wars Shuttle Stops and Other Acquired Licenses aka the Cleo Structure that Will Probably Still Be Part of Mickey and Friends Anyway

They’ve started getting architectural at the parking structure, throwing up massive steel columns to support that big canopy cover at the escalator promenade and also starting to install supports for the planter boxes that will line the east side of the structure (similar to the current structure). Another stair has gone up, and this complex is really starting to round into shape. Next up, the canopy over the tram drive aisle (and I assume loading area) per the rendering. And that pesky bridge over Magic Way.

Captain Marvel and Air Force Fly-By’s

A Captain Marvel photo op is coming to the back of Hollywood Land, and work walls have been up in preparation for that. We will hopefully see that by the middle of the week, ahead of Captain Marvel’s opening on Friday. In the meantime, yesterday, Disney did a photo op that involved members of the Air Force National Guard doing an F-15 fly-by over Paradise Park/Pixar Pier, with members of the air force posed for the dramatic shot. It was a tie-in for Captain Marvel, since Carol Danvers is an air force pilot and skilled flier.

Pixar Pier

Jessie’s Critter Carousel is coming along, with a canopy in place and a creepy, giant Jessie figure peering over the work walls, looking to ingest the souls of any unfortunate victims she deems to be sustenance.

Wilderness Themed California Things

Grizzly River Rapids is still down, but we noticed that the big Grizzly Bear figure’s vest has been repainted an obnoxiously photo-luminescent orange whose artificiality is not unlike the hair of a certain commander in chief. Or, unrelatedly, a prison jumpsuit.

Finally, here are the photos inside the redone White Water Snacks that should have gone in last week’s update. The serving side has been spiffied up with a cleaner, contemporary aesthetic common to a lot of the other food service spots in Downtown Disney. There doesn’t seem to have been a ton of notable work that would have warranted a several-month shutdown, so I assume that most of the improvements went into the kitchen and/or other less seen parts of the establishment. There is a new menu, though, with more artisan culinary creations. So that’s pretty cool.

That’s it for a quick run-through today! We’ll be back with a more in-depth post from the Disneyland Resort, featuring this year’s Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure. So food and boozehounds, rejoice! Your time is coming back to the DLR now! Well, in our next update. But now at the parks.

Anyway… er… food bah!!

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