Disneyland Resort Update: Ornery Quickie Edition

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Hey everyone! Here’s a quick and dirty update from your beloved Disneyland. We couldn’t let the other sites get away with posting crappy cell phone shots and calling it an ‘update’. So we broke out the good stuff (an actual camera) and gave you a proper update, because we care about you.

So here’s a quick run through the resort. We’ll have a more in-depth look at the parks in the future, but since it’s haunt season, we’re all running around in the dark getting scared (or slightly startled, depending on how good the haunt is for the veterans of our site—yes, we mean Jim; he’s old; he’s seen some shit, and it’s hard to scare him).

Love in an Elevator

Just a few weeks back, the elevators barely had steel up. Now there’s siding material and for all we know, a box inside that long, hard shaft. Also, the rest of the courtyard has opened up. And currently the access point is super narrow when using the only other elevator at Mickey & Friends. That’s because they need construction space to erect the shaft.

Tiki 56, Indy 93, HUT HUT!

Okay, that football header was lame. Whatever, here’s an update of that refurbished hut coming to the stage left, audience right side of the Adventureland sign.

Dia De Los Frontierland

Halloween’s back, and here’s some photos of the Zocalo Park and HOLLARWEEN TREE. Also, just a random shot I took. You’re welcome.

Apparently Tomorrow, A Wall is Actually Built

Here at Westcoaster, we’re not scared of making a political joke. But actually, we hope Tomorrowland doesn’t have walls in the future unless y’know, it’s to take the shitty parts of the past and make a better future. Because why wouldn’t you want a better tomorrow than your today?

Anyway, since MiceChat stole our ‘French Fry Rock’ term, we’re going to call these rocks ‘Potato Log Rocks’ now. Mostly ‘cause potato logs friggin rock when you order them with pizza. Also, a scrim went up on Star Tours’ facade.

Well That Escalated Quickly

Construction popped up on the right side of Space Mountain’s second floor. Not sure what’s going on here, but we’re here to tell you to plan accordingly, and remember that exiting Hyperspace Mountain will result in backed up crowds because that steel that Shelly Pink Derailed or Whatever her name is reported on a gossip column is affecting tariffs because TRUMP.

We actually have no idea what she says. We actually understood Lasetter more at the Carsland opening than the blubbering collection of ‘words’ put out over there.

Oh and also there’s a stick at the end of Space Mountains’ exit. Probably for a sign or something.

Revengers Crampus

Not much is visible on the Spoder-Man ride. But I took photos anyway. If you’re lucky we might actually get photos from that big tall circle thing on Pixar Pier. I can't remember the name of it anymore since Boob Cheap-ass renames stuff whenever he farts out a ‘good’ idea. By good idea, we mean an idea that Trump would high five. So you know, it’s some quality skunk-weed imagineering he’s doing up in Glendale.

That’ll do it for this week. Like I said, quick and dirty, just like the martinis I sucked down before writing this.

Also, there’s a memorial thing set up for Doc Hudson in Carsland. While cute, can someone explain to me why this is here, and yet he’s still alive as the crew chief inside Radiator Springs Racers? Someone leave a comment and explain that one to me like I’m 5.