Dark Harbor Presents: Sliders Unite - Breaking the Stigma

Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

Bonus update today, and more of a bulletin.  Tomorrow night, at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, sliders from across Southern California will come together for a "unification" and group performance at Dark Harbor.  This event has been years in the making, forged by an intent to move past old rivalries and unnecessary feuds and show that the sliding community--and by extension, the haunt community--are all one and the same... a big, bizarre, occasionally dysfunctional, but ultimately singular family.  

Decayed Brigade at Midsummer Scream.

Members of Dark Harbor's Slider Nation, Knott's Berry Farm's Decayed Brigade, along with other haunt talent from Universal and around SoCal will perform together in two shows tomorrow night.  If you've been to Dark Harbor or attended one of the local Halloween conventions, you know that these guys put on a great show.  So slightly overly dramatic subtitle aside (it refers to the old rivalry between Knott's and Queen Mary talent back in the day, when cross-association was frowned upon), It's sure to be a fun and exciting time.  If you're free, consider heading over to check out the stunts and the action!  You can use offer code "LBLOCAL" to get up to 25% off tickets.

Dark Harbor's Slider Nation sliders performing at this year's Dark Harbor.

Here's the official press release below:

Dark Harbor Presents the Top Sliders from Across Southern California with a Special Collaboration Performance

SoCal’s Most Elite Sliders Take Over Dark Harbor for the First-Ever

Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma

Wednesday, October 26 at 9:30pm and 11:20pm

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, SoCal’s most terrifying haunt, will welcome elite sliders from across Sothern California to perform in the first-ever Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma for one night only on Wednesday, October 26 with two performances at 9:30pm and 11:20pm.

For one night only, Dark Harbor will push the artistic boundaries of sliding by bringing the best sliders from across Southern California to the authentic haunt. Creating a spectacular demonstration of talent and skill, Sliders Unite: Breaking the Stigma, will entertain guests with jaw-dropping tricks, high-speed slides, scares, and more. With metal plates strapped to knees and gloved hands, the sliders will effortlessly and speedily move across the ground in synchronized patterns for a frightfully fun choreographed performance.


Wednesday, October 26, 9:30pm and 11:20pm

Dark Harbor
The Queen Mary
1126 Queens Highway Long Beach, CA 90802

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