Higgins Manor 2015 Recap

Mission Viejo, CA

So... today was supposed to feature an update from this year's Higgins Manor, a home haunt with longtime Westcoaster affiliations.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans, and the time I was planning on using to photograph was rained out.  So instead, we're going to do a bit of a "Throwback Tuesday" and look at last year's Higgins Manor, which gives an idea of what's in store for 2016.

The general theme remains the same.  William P. Higgins III was a ruthless, greedy, villainous late 19th century land owner in the area of what is now known as Mission Viejo.  Through a series of unscrupulous deals, hostile takeovers, and sheer violent intimidation and force, he and his immoral henchmen acquired more and more property at the expense of the local population.  During one attack, though, Higgins came upon a local shaman, chanting to protect his sacred land.  In cold blood, Higgins murdered the native spiritual, but not before he placed a curse on Higgins and his family.  In the ensuing years, Higgins began losing family members through tragic and mysterious circumstances.  His wife and his children died in inexplicable ways, and the power-hungry Higgins slowly descended into madness and despair as his very closest were taken away from him.

Higgins died, rich but alone.  But in death, his spirit would not be silenced.  He swore vengeance upon the forces that had claimed his family.  Now, over a century later, Master Higgins still roams the area of South Orange County.  Believing the lands that have now been developed into suburban tract communities to be stolen from him, Higgins and his band of supernatural henchmen return every Halloween to wreck havoc and instill terror upon all who dare venture into the property that once belonged to him.  Master Higgins still believes himself the rightful owner of the land, and he won't hesitate to destroy anyone he believes stands in his way!

Higgins Manor will be open this upcoming weekend from Friday, October 28 through Halloween night, Monday, October 31.  Hours of operation are 7-10pm for all four nights, and anyone in line before 10pm will be allowed in.  Admission is free, and donations are welcome to support Greendog Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue that helps rehabilitate and find homes for man's best friend.  It's a great cause, and a great haunted house, with plenty of excitement and an experience that is competitive with big-time professional haunts.

We'll follow up this weekend with an update for this year's event (weather permitting photography).  But Higgins Manor is a great neighborhood event that has become a bit of a buzz among home haunts in Orange County.  Go check it out this Halloween weekend!  You might even run into yours truly!

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