The Season Pass Podcast #329 - Knott's Berry Farm

It only took approximately 500 years... but Doug finally wore me down and convinced me to go on his podcast.  It's true that I've long stayed away from podcasts and podcasting for one very simple reason... well, maybe two.  

1. I hate the sound of my own voice. 
2. Nobody cares what I have to say outside professional circles. 

Needless to say... my brand of... me?  What I'll warn you about up front.  I'm a fast talker.  My brain operates at approximately 4 billion miles per hour.  It's both a gift and a curse.  But lord knows this business is something I am truly passionate about both as a fan and as a person who has made actual dollars doing this stuff.  I hope it comes across well.  

I'm not even sure how Doug managed to do it, but I finally broke down and did this.  Can I just say, I had a ridiculously fun time being a complete idiot on the podcast.  The few of you who have reached out to compliment me... well, bad idea.  Just means next time Doug's around I might just do this again.  The crazy part was that we had so much fun talking (as he and I are oft known to do), that we blew through 20 minutes!  It just flew by... a sign of good conversation, y'know?  

So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode featuring Doug, Rick West from Theme Park Adventure, Raffi Kaprelyan (Cedar Fair regional VP in charge of Knott's), Russ Knibbs (VP of Food & Beverage, Knott's Berry Farm), Your's truly, and a new voice and good pal of Westcoaster, Jeff Gahagan (VP of Maintenance, Knott's Berry Farm)... true story, I had to convince Jeff to do the show on the spot, but I'm glad he did.  He's a great guy and I'm glad people get to hear his story!

Do listen to the whole thing... it's great!! (But I do come in around 1 hour in...)   

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