Midsummer Scream 2016: Dark Harbor Panel

Long Beach Convention Center

Welcome, boys and girls, to Westcoaster's coverage of the inaugural Midsummer Scream Halloween convention.  As Jim mentioned yesterday, this fantastic event was a rousing success despite being in its first year.  Though the design and production team had been involved in Scare L.A. previously, they still had to put together an enormous undertaking in only four months to create this amazing spectacle of ghoulish glory--featuring numerous panels, exhibits, haunted attractions, and entertainment options.

We have a TON of content to cover, so lets start with the park panels.  Because the of breadth of information, I've decided to make each of the panels its own post.  We'll start with the first haunted attraction panel, Dark Harbor, which took place early Saturday afternoon.

Booze, booze, new maze, and more booze seemed to be the theme of this one.  The most entertaining panel of the weekend, the Dark Harbor Midsummer Scream presentation gave a full run-down of everything guests can expect for this year's run, which lasts September 29 - October 31.  In addition, Dark Harbor announced its new 2-16 icon, the Iron Master, to match its new maze for the season, Intrepid. 

Here are the slides that Dark Harbor showed during their presentation:

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