Midsummer Scream 2016: Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Panel

Long Beach Convention Center

Our second Midsummer Scream update of the day takes us to the Saturday headlining panel featuring Universal Studio Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights.  Creative Director John Murdy and Art Director/Production Designer Chris Williams took the stage in what turned out to be the most enlightening presentation of the weekend.

In a noticeable departure from previous year's presentations at Scare L.A., Murdy and Williams did not announce any new mazes or bring any special guests.  Instead, they gave a detailed overview of the history and evolution of past Horror Nights mazes featuring this year's icons--the Big Four--Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface.  Their talk went over designs and tricks used in previous mazes themed to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then continued with details about the mazes premiering this year themed to these franchises.  It was more of a "behind the scenes" discussion than a big unveil, though Murdy and Williams did reveal certain previously secret details of the new mazes for 2016.

Here are the NUMEROUS slides shown during the presentation:

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