Around Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA

We've been showering Knott's Berry Farm with a lot of attention recently, and today continues that trend with a look around the park in general.  Knott's has spent the past few years slowly refurbishing and improving various areas around the park, and though this might not come in the form of splashy, new, high-profile attractions, the TLC has had a noticeable impact.  Almost everything looks newer and fresher, and little details have added charm and whimsy to the park. 

So here are a bunch of photos showcasing some of what Knott's has to offer.  Consider this a photo gallery, really.  It's just my excuse to post pictures I took during golden hour on my pair of visits to the park the past two weekends!

Ghost Town

We've paid plenty of attention to the wonderful event that is Ghost Town Alive! and even walked around Ghost Town's refurbished facades and sets refreshed for its 75th anniversary.  Here are photos of a select few of Ghost Town's other offerings.

Camp Snoopy

The home of the Peanuts gang underwent a lovely refurbishment a couple of years ago and looks fantastic.  New attractions, a fresh coat of paint, and some cute little theming elements have renewed the appeal that this land has, both for children and adults who used to visit when they were young. 

Fiesta Village

Fiesta Village is one area that hasn't had any high profile improvements, but as I was in the area as the sun was setting, I snapped a few shots here as well.

The Boardwalk

Naturally, the west side of the park is the most lovely as the afternoon turns to evening.  That warm, low angle sunlight really amplifies all the attractions here and heightens the beach theme.  With plenty of thrill rides, The Boardwalk will satisfy the adrenaline junkies out there.  But there are attractions for those seeking lower key fun as well.

So that's Knott's for this week.  The next time we visit, the park will have disappeared behind the veil, into the fog, and transformed itself into Knott's Scary Farm--America's first haunt.  We bid summer farewell, but not without too much regret.  For autumn brings the most wonderful time of the year.  Is it Haunt yet?

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