From the Berry Farm to the Movie World

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
Warner Bros. Movie World, Queensland, Australia

We've got a quick update for you folks today, but it will be a bit different than usual, because we're actually going to combine two small updates into one... slightly larger update.  First, we stop by Knott's Berry Farm to see the latest construction with HangTime and some happenings around the park (and we'll be back later this week with a look at this year's Knott's Merry Farm).  Then we'll jet off to the land down under, where our buddy, Ian Clark of The Human Passport fame, sent us a few photos of the new DC Rivals Hypercoaster that recently opened at Warner Bros. Movie World in the Gold Coast.  Ready for a quick whirl? Here we go!


It didn't take long after Haunt wrapped up for next year's new hotness to start moving full speed ahead.  Actually, the foundations for HangTime were already coming out of the ground before Halloween, but over the past few weeks, supports and track have soared out of the former grounds of Boomerang to tower high in the air!

Walking by HangTime, I was struck by just how tall it is.  Granted, the stats will tell you that the roller coaster will be a 150 feet high, but it feels even taller within the constricted area of the Boardwalk, across from smaller scale structures.  When it's all done, this will definitely be a big boy coaster--even if it's not necessarily super intense!

Knott's Notes

I noticed a few miscellaneous things walking around the park this past Sunday, during our Knott's Merry Farm media day visit.  For example...

DC Rivals HyperCoaster

Switching gears to something completely geographically different... a couple of months ago, Warner Bros. Movie World Australia opened their newest thrill ride to the public.  The DC Rivals HyperCoaster--towering 202 feet in the air, stretching nearly 4600 feet, and reaching speeds of up to 72 mph--is part of Movie World's current and aggressive strategy to greatly expand its resort property and attractions.

Although it looks like an Intamin, this hypercoaster is actually manufactured by Mack and stands as the longest and tallest continuous circuit roller coaster in Australia (Tower of Terror II is a shuttle coaster and nearly twice as tall).  It is also unique in that its 11th and last car faces backwards, allowing thrill seekers the unique opportunity of being able to ride this roller coaster both forwards or backwards!  Those seeking the last car will need to pay a $10 upcharge for the time being, though Ian attested that it was well worth the charge for the exciting experience!

DC Rivals HyperCoaster continues the DC expansion at Movie World.  Practically half the park is themed to the comic franchise now, and the resort is continuing to expand with more hotel properties and improvements to its Wet 'n' Wild water park as well.  Pretty exciting stuff for Australia's biggest theme park!

Again, thanks to our buddy Ian for sending in some photos.  If you like these, go check out his site, The Human Passport, for some fantastic photos from all around the world--including all seven continents!  Ian's been able to capture some truly breathtaking scenes from all over this Earth, which is pretty neat.

We'll be back to more normal updates from our local parks, and as we roll into the holiday season, you'll be seeing some Christmas-related content too.  I suppose it's only fair, after we flooded your eyeballs with all our spoopy Halloween content.  Just don't let Jim know.  He's a Grinch!

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