Disneyland Resort Update: Porg Assimilation

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Ladies and gentlemen, we've seen a lot of development at the Disneyland Resort this year and documented much of that in multiple posts, and we finally come upon the final Disneyland Resort update of the year.  This update is dedicated to WC reader, Brent, who has been badgering our intern about a new update for some reason, even though it's clearly established in Westcoaster Canon that the Intern never makes it to Disney property.  It's relatively short, but it's also our last look at "Star Wars" Land before 2018.  So, perhaps fittingly with recent news, we present The Last Update (of the year... from Disney).

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

We're starting to get to a point where updates from our usual Mickey and Friends perch will start getting meaningless, as the major ride buildings are near completion of exterior wall enclosure and will thus block a sizeable amount of our views into the future new themed land at Disneyland.  The First Order ride building has pretty much completed its exterior facade installation, while the Millennium Falcon ride building is not much farther behind.  Meanwhile, equipment and concrete continue to go up on the remaining buildings that will form a new berm, stretching along the future perimeter of the park from Fantasyland to Critter Country.  Rockwork is slowly progressing too, though not at the same rate as recently.  And if you look closely, you might even notice a bit of new development along the Critter Country entrance side of Galaxy's Edge!


The new bowling alley over at Downtown Disney continues to progress, though it's obvious that it won't be open before the end of this year like originally scheduled.  Still, work is coming along, and they're working more than standard hours, so I imagine Splitsville should be open within the next couple of months or so!

Porgtown Disney

Elsewhere in Downtown Disney, the Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire virtual reality experience is nearing completion and is in test phase.  It opens the first Friday of the new year.  Combining physical sets with virtual reality headsets, this attraction represents the next generation of video-immersive experiences and should be a huge hit.

Also, I guess some movie came out last Friday, yeah?  You should go see it.  

This is probably our only update of the week, barring some bonus extra time I may or may not have, so enjoy a great Christmas.  The spirit of the season basically says be kind people to one another and don't be dicks, and I think we can all agree with that message.

Yule bah!

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