Disneyland Resort Update: Opposite of Lightspeed Edition

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA

What happens when you go to the parks for a photo update, and then life and work get in the way, and then you have an out-of-town trip the following week?  Well, you get a Disneyland construction update that's about two weeks old.  So lets liberally employ a Flashback Friday and look at what Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (and a few other spots) looked like about 14 days ago!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

A long time ago in a neighboring city not that far away...

Yes, I created a section just for the return of our customary overview of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.  We know you missed it after the non-appearance last update.  Many of you were inconsolable over the loss of our beloved panorama, thanks to construction on the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure blocking off access, but fear not!  Thanks to the modern day miracle of simply going down several levels to find an unblocked stair and then ascending said stairs, your pan-across has returned!

The First Order attraction continues to grow and grow.  At this point, it's like... 485,291 aardvarks big.  And 381 unladen swallows tall.  That's pretty sizeable!  It's so mammoth that different aspects of construction are happening depending on which part of the building you look at.  Inside, secondary steel structure continues to be erected.  On the north side, they're starting to add insulation along the facade of the building facing Disneyland Drive.  On the opposite side, facing the park, a few wall panels have been installed.  On the roof, they continue adding HVAC equipment and accessories.  And just around the riverbend, they're loading special Disney construction ferrets to work on all the tight spaces that need special attention!  Magical.

While the First Order attraction building is ingesting real estate the way a hipster downs specialty tacos, the Millennium Falcon building has been growing both laterally and upward, as the structural steel for the peaks of future "Star Wars" Land continue to reach toward the sky.  In fact, earlier this week (but not reflected in any of these outdated photos), the workers hoisted and installed the steel belonging to the highest point in the land.  And although our usual vantage points only allow obscured angles of Galaxy's Edge's second E-Ticket, progress is still visible. 

Random River Belle Terrace Update

We interrupt this Disneyland park update to let you know that the River Belle Terrace is getting some roofwork done.

That is all.


For bowling fans eager to see new lanes come to Downtown Disney, well, wait a while more.  Construction crews have been working some pretty deep shifts to catch up on the schedule, but for now, Splitsville remains steel and steel.  But the skeleton is starting to come together! There's a bit of an entrance canopy, some more braced frames, and, um, yeah.  No balls yet.  But soon.  If you're into that sort of stuff.

Gotta Collect 'Em All

Two weeks ago, the Disneywebz collectively went glitterbombs over two things:
- Rose Gold Minnie Ears, which sold out within hours of being released
- The new Harold (Ted Seagull's best friend from the Matterhorn) Funko Pop figure

The Harold doll quickly sold out inside the park, but through the afternoon, people were diligently waiting at D Street to purchase their own souvenir of the lovable abominable snowman.  Hey, we won't judge.  Yetis are cool.  And no, that's not just Wes forcing me to add that phrase into this update.

In other Downtown Disney news, it was announced that Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, an upcoming augmented/virtual reality experience developed by Disney and Void, will be replacing the Fossil and Vault 28 stores.  This makes five current Downtown Disney vendors that will be changing, since the Build-A-Bear Workshop, Chapel Hats, and Ridemakerz shops are closing down to make way for dining.  Yes, times they be a changing.  And times they be up for today's update.  Have a great weekend, and may the pigeon be with you!

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