Knott's Berry Farm Update: Building HangTime Buildings

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA

Hiya, folks!  We've got a relatively quick construction update from Knott's Berry Farm today, focused on HangTime construction and what's been a happening the past two weeks.  Lets get right into it, shall we?

HangTime Construction

The biggest difference between this week and the last update two weeks ago is that construction has started for the architectural part of HangTime--the ride station, transfer shed, and supporting structures.  The track has been complete for a few weeks now and pretty much looks the same as before.  But rising above the work walls are wood framed structures that will bring shelter to riders and the ride.  Lets take a look?

Ride Closures

Xcelerator is still closed.  I remember the days it ran regularly, back when buffalo roamed the plains by the hundreds of thousands, and a new invention called the telegraph was starting to make its way across the country.  It was a different world back then, yes indeed.  Why, back then, a person had to wait a whole two weeks just to receive lettered correspondence.  How quaint it was!

Oh, and the Log Ride is also down for its annual refurbishment, and not because it wanted to take a trip to Rio with its good friend, Splash Mountain.

That wraps up a quick update from the Farm!  Remember, the Peanuts Celebration runs two more weekends, through February 25.  Plus, it will be on for Presidents Day next Monday as well.  So go check it out if you have a chance!  Beyond that, we have the Boysenberry Festival around the corner (March 16 - April 8), plus whenever HangTime opens.  Exciting times for Walter and Cordelia's boysenberry land.  Exciting times indeed!

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