Disneyland Resort Update: Yet Another Construction Project

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

We're going to close out the week with Disneyland, continuing a recent trend of reversing our normal pattern.  But hey, you gotta keep things interesting, right?  And there are certainly a lot of interesting things happening all around the Disneyland Resort.  Mostly in construction form.  We're going to focus on four of them today, including one that has really ramped into gear the past couple of weeks!

Mickey and Friends Parking Expansion

The Pinocchio parking lot is no more.  Instead in its place will be a new 6500-stall parking structure, built right next to the existing Mickey and Friends structure, to accommodate increased capacity once Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens.  I'll be calling it the "Pinocchio Parking Structure" in future updates, for the sake of what once stood.

Ground clearing has really ramped up over the past couple of weeks, and there is no trace of the parking lot anymore.  The extent of the construction work also outline why the security line was moved to the first floor of the Mickey and Friends structure.  There is no way the tram loading and security check could have existed in their previous place anymore.

I haven't checked to see when the structure is expected to be completed, but hopefully, it will be before next May or so, when "Star Wars" Land is expected to open! 

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Aside from all the rockwork, we're starting to see some of structural steel framing for other buildings and structures on the interior of the land.  In the meantime, lets admire some more fake rock infrastructure.

But really, there has been a lot of work that's been hidden from public view, due to obstructions and angles.  So here's the honestly amazing video that Disney released a couple of weeks ago showcasing what's been happening so far--with fantastic drone footage of the interior of the land!  See if you can spot what correlates with the photos above!

Pixar Pier

Construction continues to speed along, with noticeable progress on the Incredicoaster, Mickey's Fun Wheel, and the future Lamplight Lounge and shop across from it.  However, perhaps the most exciting news to DCA booze fans is that the Cove Bar has temporarily reopened for the next two months or so.  Yes, if you love very alcoholic but cartoonishly sweet drinks and lobster nachos, rush over and visit  Cove Bar!  Because everyone else is.

Also, King Triton's Carousel closed down on March 5, making Toy Story Midway Mania the sole attraction in the whole of Paradise Pier's backside.  It will be transformed into Jessie's Critter Carousel.  Definitely a miss by not naming it Woody's Roundup.  

Oh, and Disney announced some amazingly terrible-kitsch names for some of the food stands going into Pixar Pier.  Poultry Palace, you will forever haunt my judgmental dreams.  And the designs look like they were taken from whoever thought the aesthetic of A Bug's Land was a great idea to just transplant.  I mean, that's an improvement over a Victorian seaside pier, right?  ...right?

Downtown Disney Construction

I mentioned this a few updates ago, but World of Disney has been undergoing a months-long refurbishment and refreshing to create more contemporary design and shopping spaces.  The biggest segment yet comes in the form of closing down over half the store.  It will reopen in the fall.

In addition Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes and Ballast Point continue their construction.  But you can't see much inside, because, ya know, construction privacy.


A couple of Disney parks news items here.  First of all, there's a Stitch bubble blower, and it is freaking adorably awesome. Look at it!!


Also, Disney recently announced some new changes for the future.  A Marvel-themed land has officially been made public and will take over Hollywood Land and A Bug's Land.  It's Tough To Be A Bug closed last Sunday, and the rest of the land will close at the end of the summer. 

The walls are down at Main Street, and the completed brick-laid trolley track and paving look fantastic.  Unfortunately, I didn't make it inside Disneyland in time to take any good photos, but my friend, Brandon of DizFeed captured a good night photo of what it looks like!  

Oh, and spring is in full bloom even outside the actual parks themselves, and it looks pretty!


That wraps it up for this week!  Tons of work still ongoing at the Disneyland Resort.  Should be fun to see the fruits of most everything come summer!

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