Disneyland Resort Update: Primarily Pixar Pier

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Hey folks! It's Friday, Friday, Memorial Day Weekend Friday. Everybody's looking forward this update, update...

OK, well, maybe not anymore, but we're closing out the week with a report from the Disneyland Resort, where we haven't quite been the past few weeks as other things like Knott's HangTime have occupied our attention.  Today, we take our usual run through things that are going on around the parks and Downtown Disney and check out what is being worked on and what's not quite working.  The summer season kicks off this holiday weekend, so lets check out what you can expect from Disney this summer!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

If you were expecting Star Wars this summer, well, your only satisfaction will be this weekend's release of Solo.  Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is still a year away--a blatantly obvious fact that Disney officially announced earlier this week with an opening date announcement trailer that provided neither a date nor any actual breaking information, except a formal gauge on exactly how far behind Walt Disney World's "Star Wars" Land is behind ours.

If you missed it, Batuu, CA, will open summer of next year (which everyone pretty much expected), while Batuu, FL, will open "late fall" of next year.  Thus, like an overanxious YouTube commenter, Anaheim, will get to call "First!"  And Orlando will probably retort with something like "Best!" even though that word is not used in conjunction with Florida unless referring to bizarre crimes, drug addict weirdo stories, mysterious freak geological events, or wildlife crazy encounters.

Anyway, Galaxy's Edge is pretty much more rocks and interior development that we can see.  So we're going to zoom through this land in lightspeed today.

Pixar's Pinocchio Pal and Friends and Friends and Associates Parking Structure Featuring Marvel Motorpool and Other Acquired Licenses

Nothing has gone vertical yet as of last Friday, but that will probably change soon, as rebar for foundations has arrived on site, and pile drivers are starting to create caissons for deep footings to support the new neighboring parking structure.  The rest of the site has been further graded.  Meanwhile, we got some fantastic name suggestions in the last update.  Keep them coming, and you too can contribute to the evolution of the title of this segment of the update!

Downtown Disney Renovations

The paint job at the facades of the future Black Tap Craft Burgers and Ballast Point look pretty much done, though there's still work left at the interiors.  Meanwhile, last Friday, part of the new outdoor bar and seating expansion at Naples Ristorante opened! It's got a chic, modern style and looks like a very pleasant space to relax and have a weekend drink.  Or a weekday drink.  Really, whenever you're free, I suppose.  There's still more work to be done to the entry canopy and the area around it, but Disney lushes now have another option to have a boozes!

Pixar Fest Updates

There are new vinyl decals at the AP Corner for Pixar Fest, and new Little Green Men popcorn buckets went on sale, much to the enthusiasm of annual passholders who just had to have them.  To be fair, a lot of the Pixar Fest and related merch that's come out has been pretty adorable or ridiculous yet must-have, like that Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Souvenir Sipper.

Pixar Pier

Finally, Pixar Pier continues to progress, with a lot of scaffolding around the Incredicoaster, Mickey's No Longer Fun Wheel Because Pixar Pals A-Round, and Toy Story Midway Mania facade.  The new roller coaster continues testing, and a lighting package was even recently seen cycling through at night (it apparently did not have its OCD Mode turned on).  As much as I dislike the ill-conceived attempt at inter-brand synergy that is the Pixar Pier project, I must admit that a lot of the unveiled areas look pretty nice (even if the overall theme lacks cohesiveness due to the "four neighborhoods" approach.

Lets talk about what's not quite happening, though.  When it officially opens on June 23, Pixar Pier will be without two of its advertised attractions.  The long-promised Inside Out attraction on the site of the old Maliboomer hasn't even begun construction, but it was always promised to open "at a future date," so this was expected.  What was probably less expected was the opening date of Jessie's Critter Carousel, which Disney recently confirmed won't open until 2019.  I suppose the signs were there when it was just a couple of months ago, and work hadn't begun at all over there.  That particular ride transformation has been going very slowly, with not even the canopy removed or any sign of the actual carousel being touched much yet.  So... I guess it can compete with "Star Wars" Land next year?

Also not returning as originally expected, World of Color, whose middle platform kind of committed seppuku earlier this week and doesn't look in the kind of shape that will allow the popular nighttime show to return next month as originally scheduled.  I'll grab a clearer photo next time I'm by the park, but if you were to see how it looks like right now, you would not be optimistic about WoC doing much of anything anytime soon...  Call it Pixar Pier Synergy Karma?  "The gods have been angered by all this Pixar making..."

And that is pretty much that.  Enjoy a great Memorial Day weekend.  Have some BBQ.  Hang out with friends.  Go to the beach.  And remember our nation's troops who have died protecting the country and our right to all the great things we enjoy... like being snarky and complainy on the interwebz.  Seriously, we do owe them a great debt for preserving our country's freedoms.

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