Disneyland Resort Update: Daytime Edition

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Happy Wednesday, folks!  It's been a while since we've had a Disneyland Resort update shot completely before dark, but we have one today!  Yes, I actually made it to the park well before sunset this past weekend and was able to take plenty of photographs where you can actually see details.  So check out... a lot of the same angles that were featured in last week's update.  Just with sun on them!  AlsoTheDisneylandResortIsStillAGiganticConstructionZoneEverywhere.

Mickey and Friends Parking & Tram Changes

I didn't put two and two together until this past week, but the construction work that has been going on in the Pinocchio Lot, next to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, has been in preparation for a new 6500-stall parking structure that substitutes for the abandoned Harbor Blvd. Eastern Gateway project that had been stalled for a year thanks to opposition from local motel and store owners who had protested Disney's plans.  But since Disney will need a plethora of extra parking once Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens, they've gone ahead with this alternate parking project.

The big change this past week saw the re-routing of the Mickey and Friends tram, since the previous loading area (the diagonal extension that they just implemented early last year) just slightly intruded on the construction zone.  The loading has been moved inside the structure, on the ground floor where the Chip 'n' Dale lot is.  The re-routing is a bit peculiar, though the two times I've visited since this change was implemented, operations have been pretty smooth.  Then again, a friend posted on Monday showing a picture of major crowds, so it's probably hit or miss.  Still, it's a significant change, and according to security, it is expected to remain in this configuration for the next year, presumably until the Pinocchio structure is completed.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Over in "Star Wars" Land, rocks continue to grow and develop.  I actually don't have photos from the parking structure this week (for the first time).  Instead, you get a lot of views from within the park, showing development similar to last week's work, but in sunlight.

Disneyland Refurbishments

Elsewhere in the park, Disneyland's winter/spring refurbishments continue.  Main Street is at the same state we saw last week, with all the trolley track unveiled around The Hub and mostly around Town Square--other than the track to the backstage area.  The actual street portion remains behind work walls, with guests relegated to the sidewalk on the east side and the sidewalk plus a small portion of street asphalt on the west.  I expect this work to be completed within the next couple of weeks or so, though, considering it began just a few weeks after The Hub and Town Square started.

Splash Mountain is still down.  It is slated to reopen on Saturday, April 14th.

Over behind King Arthur's Carrousel in Fantasyland, Dumbo is once again the lone attraction down for refurbishment.  Casey Jr. Circus Train reopened last week, joining the Storybook Land Canal Boats.  Dumbo, as you may recall, is receiving a reconfigured queue area with a new shade canopy.  It will be closed at least through April 18th, per the Disneyland calendar.

Work continues on the Small World Mall.  Not much visible change from the main pathway.

And finally, Mickey's Toontown has added some new, stylish event pole lights for their inaugural Toontown 5K!  5K for the number of steps you need to run the race.  If you're an ant.

Actually, there is no race (of course).  They just had lights set up for clothing line, Opening Ceremony's “The Happiest Show on Earth" fashion show, which is actually tonight at Disneyland.  It will celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse by showcasing a couture line inspired by the famous icon.  Basically, it's overly gaudy rich clothes.  For those Disney fans intersecting that clientele. 

A Few Hollywood Land Tidbits

These are more of a PSA nature, but:

  • There are Funnel Cake Fries at Hollywood Award Weiners.  Yes, Funnel Cake Fries.  They sound amazing.
  • If Wakanda is forever in your heart, head over to Studio 17 next to Monsters Inc. and meet the Black Panther.  T'Challa is greeting fans over there these days.
  • You can catch an extended preview of the new Disney movie, A Wrinkle in Time, where you used to see Muppets.  Unfortunately, you cannot see Muppets.

Sonoma Terrace Completed

This past weekend also saw the completion of the work that's been going on at Sonoma Terrace.  And *drumroll* the result is.... A NEW ENTRANCE!  Yes, Bob, Sonoma Terrace now has a brand new shiny entrance leading directly from the main pathway.  No longer will you have to walk all the way around to near Embarcadero Gifts to enter.  Just come in directly, and enjoy some new seating under the canopy area plus a new food menu to go with the wine and craft beers that Sonoma Terrace already serves!  All this and more can be yours for the low low price of however much you're paying for your Disney ticket / annual pass!  Back to you, Bob!

Pixar Pier

Thanks, Johnny!  Finally, we have Pixar Pier, which continues to progress as they work toward the June 23rd opening.  Scaffolding has appeared over the walkway between the old Ariel's Grotto and Treasures in Paradise shop to help with the reimagining of Paradise-soon-to-be-Pixar Pier's entrance.  Also, California Screamin' is making progress getting its track back, and the existing buildings not being changed are getting more paint jobs.

That wraps up the construction side of things from the Disneyland Resort.  We'll be back with a look at this year's Food & Wine Festival at California Adventure, which kicked off last Friday and runs through Thursday, April 12.  It's another year of delicious eats, plus culinary events and exhibitions.  Check back for that, ya?

In the meantime, be cool.  And stuff.

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