Disneyland Resort Update: Reconsolidation Edition

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Happy Monday, folks!  We resume a sense of normalcy today by having our Disneyland Resort construction update lead off the week on Monday and finally fitting everything into one update.  We check out ongoing work throughout Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

In terms of what's visible, the story of "Star Wars" Land progress continues to be the rockwork that will dramatically alter the Disneyland skyline.  Supporting steel is creeping over the First Order building, which itself is starting to get more architectural trim to make the building look like more than just a plain, white box.  The varying degrees of progress is plainly visible now, with some rocks still just steel and others with scaffolding all around them to help with rock painting and "aging."  

Mickey & Friends Parking Construction

Underground work continues around the Chip 'n' Dale lot over by Mickey and Friends, and repaving work over by the tram waiting area.  As a result, Chip 'n' Dale remains out of commission.

Main Street Trolley Tracks

Over in Main Street, work walls have come down from both Town Square and The Hub!  The resulting brick pavers around the trolley tracks looks like it's always belonged there and also provides a nice visual cue on the zone for pedestrians to avoid when streetcars are passing by.  Work walls remain through the actual street portion up Main Street, but I would imagine that those will come down within a few weeks as well, since they went up a few weeks after Town Square and The Hub were blocked off.

In addition, around The Hub, the tabebuia trees have all bloomed at about the same time.  This annual sign of the coming spring has brought a fresh and beautiful look to the heart of the park!

Fantasyland Refurbishments

Toward the backside of Fantasyland, Casey Jr. and Dumbo remain under refurbishment, so work walls remain up for those areas.  But the Storybook Land Canal Boats has already reopened after an apparently short, couple of week refurbishment.  Scaffolding remains around the backside of Monstro--presumably for routine repainting, but that's one less ride closed.

The Small World Mall is still behind work walls too.  The park is revamping the extent and layout of the tiers to better accommodate crowds and the parade route, which has impacted the Small World queue right now also.

Other Disneyland Notes

I threw in a daytime blooming tabebuia tree in Mickey's Toontown for the heck of it, because it's pretty, alright?  But Splash Mountain also remains closed for its in-depth winter refurbishment.  It is expected to remain closed at least through the beginning of April, per the park calendar.

Over in Adventureland, Disney also announced that the doing-nothing-at-all Aladdin's Oasis will be converted into a little snacks and shopping area called The Tropical Hideaway,  This appears to be a more permanent home to the displaced Tropical Imports shop next to The Jungle Cruise, which was moved across the path to the Adventureland Bazaar so that it could be converted into a stroller parking area.  No word on opening, but it's a nice way to use a space that is effectively abandoned, if they're not going to bring back the old meal & show amenity Aladdin's Oasis used to provide.

Food & Wine Festival Coming Soon

At California Adventure, the stands for the Food & Wine Festival have already been set up.  The Lunar New Year Celebration is hardly over, but Food & Wine starts this Friday!  This annual dining event has been a popular feature since it's return a couple of years ago.  It will run March 2 - April 12.  I'm not sure why it's being cut off on a Thursday and not extended through the weekend of April 14-15 (besides April 13 being the start of Pixar Fest, but they didn't have to necessarily start that early?), but that will still be six weeks of fooding!

Sonoma Terrace Upgrades

The work walls around the Sonoma Terrace continue to be up.  I've heard some interesting rumors on what's actually happening there, including the construction of an additional bar with draft beer taps to expand capacity as well as a new entry off the main pathway to ease circulation.  We'll see soon, I suppose!

Pixar Pier

The pier is still littered with scaffolding and construction walls, and I got to the park too late to observe any visible progress from prior weeks.  So instead, this is basically documents the text items from last week's update (with one correction: they haven't removed the roofing from the California Screamin' station after all.  But that will likely come soon.

Also, last week, Disney also provided news on the fate of Ariel's Grotto and Cove Bar.  Both will be rebranded into a new restaurant and bar called Lamplight Lounge.  And don't worry, they will be serving Lobster Nachos still.  There's been enough of an outcry of concerned Disney guests that they felt the need to announce it.

And that does it for a lengthy for singular update from the Disneyland Resort!  As you can see and as we've been repeating, there is a plethora of work going on at the Resort right now, and it's humming along briskly so that most of it can be completed before the summer busy season.  

We'll be back this week with probably more penguin updates, and who knows, maybe even another entry in our Shanghai Disneyland series!

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