Disneyland Resort Update: Placing Parking in Precedence

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

We immediately interrupt our Midsummer Scream coverage to bring you an update from the Disneyland Resort.  Mostly because it's been a few weeks.  There are a lot of photos, but we'll zip through this as quickly as I can manage.  Ready?  Lets go!


They're in full swing at the new neighbor to Mickey and Friends, which is good, because they'll need to have this whole thing ready before "Star Wars" Land opens.  The parking structure is progressing noticeably now, with the second floor being cast on the eastern side and the circulation deck where the escalators will connect down to the tram loading area taking shape.  The ramps are starting to get poured too, and many, many more columns are being formed.  It appears that as far as circulation goes, vehicles will enter this adjacent structure by turning left after the toll booths, rather than right into the current structure.  I haven't quite figured out how the structure exits, though I imagine traffic will get routed back to the current exit lanes in some manner.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Do you like rocks? Because we have more rocks!! Yes, the skyline behind the Rivers of America continues to take shape.  Of course, plenty of progress inside the land is going on too.  We just can't see it.  But it's getting exciting to see the angles of the rockwork from the Rivers of America.  All the while, they keep on throwing even more steel pylons to support more rock spires.

Downtown Disney Development

Not a ton to report in the Downtown Disney front.  Black Taps and Ballast Point continue to chug along, while Naples continues its entrance facade remodel.  New paint has gone up on the facades opposite Ballast Point and Black Taps, matching the gray palette that's been adopted.  Meanwhile, over on the west side, some food trucks have been set up to make up for the dearth of dining created by the closure of Earl of Sandwich, ESPN Zone, and Rainforest Cafe.

Pixar Pier Progress

Yes, Pixar Pier did open last month, but as we noted, it wasn't actually complete.  So even after its premiere, construction still continues at certain segments of the Pier.  In the time since our last update, Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff has opened.  And I finally got a chance to ride the Incredicoaster, which is the same fun ride, just rethemed.  My previous criticism generally persist, but it is good to have the roller coaster back.  Meanwhile, Jessie's Critter Carousel finally seems to be picking up steam, as the canopy of the old Triton's Undersea Carousel has been removed, and more tarps put up to control construction dust.


Finally, in other Resort and park news...


  • The Pixar Shorts Film Festival is back in Hollywood Land, in the old Muppetvision Theater. "Bao," "La Luna," and "Sanjay's Super Team" are playing now.

  • The only nighttime entertainment at California Adventure continues to be the 8:50 Paint the Night.

  • Disney announced that The Holidays at the Disneyland Resort will run November 9 through January 6. But that's not important, because we're not even at Halloween season yet! (But if you don't care about Halloween, firstly, why do you read this site, and secondly, there you go.)

And that does it for our run-through of the Disneyland Resort.  We'll pick up the Midsummer Scream updates for the rest of the week (and likely part of next week).  So for the dark and spookies, you have that to look forward to.  And for the opposite-minded, a bit of Disney hopefully tided your themed attraction buzz!

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