We're back...

We're back...

What the hell happened here?  

See, it's like this... I was walking down the street one day and this little midget came running out and was like "they're after me lucky charms!" and what was I to do?  I couldn't not follow him!  Next thing I know, I'm laying in a gutter with a sore butt and $5 in my hand... and that little f**ker stole the passwords to Westcoaster.  Moral of the story; never trust a midget.  

So after months of protracted legal battles in midget court (yes they have their own court system, it's adorable), we're back.  I'm so, so sorry... 

What now, idiot?

(That was you asking me a question, by the way... I heard what you were thinking... also, take your right hand off your face, weirdo.)

What now?  Well... I'm not sure.  I mean, I'd considered changing all of this into a llama awareness website.  Or perhaps start a super lucrative alpaca farm.  I mean, who wouldn't want a chill-ass west coast alpaca?  Well, it turns out nobody wants that.  Literally no one.  So I guess we'll get back to posting things from around theme parks and stuff because we have literally nothing better to do with our time.  And occasionally if you're good (or perhaps even slightly naughty), we'll post non-theme park things.  Shocker, I know.  

Where's the old stuff?

After WordPress borked the crap out of the old site (YES BORKED IS A TERM, MOM!) I have a bunch of the stuff saved, but the new host doesn't make it entirely easy to translate the old files to the new servers.  I do have plans to have a sort of "best of" series that we might roll out in the coming months where I attempt to recreate the stupidity of the last 16+ years of Westcoaster (yeah, we've been around a while).  

So get ready... Albert, Dan and I are itching to get this thing rolling again... 

I cannot express enough gratitude to the four of you who nagged me relentlessly to relaunch the site.  And the two of you who weren't relatives, it meant even more.  Okay, joking aside... the love, concern and desire on the part of many of you who actively sought me out to ask what was happening... thank you.  It's nice to know that over the course of the last decade and a half, that we had people who this site has actually touched in an ever so sensual way.  The fact that my stupid writing means anything to anyone has always meant a lot to me.  So thank all of you for being there to read it!  

So we're back... I'm sorry.  So, so, so sorry.  


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