Disneyland Resort Update: Things That Are Not Food

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Well, folks, after a π-riffic day yesterday with lots and lots of gluttony, today, we must exercise caution in the presence of the Ides of March.  You never know when a treacherous update will stab you in the back with an awfully corny gimmick or something like that.  So keep your eyes peeled, and your oranges peeled-er.

See?  It's starting already.  (Disclaimer: no actual oranges in this update; oranges are food, and this update features no food.)

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!

A wild crane has appeared over in Hollywood Land, and not the type that flies and could conceivably be captured and cooked like many birds.  Though why you'd want to eat a crane is beyond me.  They don't seem terribly meaty, and they'd probably put up an annoying fight.  In any case, the former Tower of Terror is slowly being revealed more and more--just not from the front.  Like American movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout building is very shy about full frontal.  So only peeks and side views are permitted right now.  And also views from the back, if you can position yourself at the right angle.

"Star Wars" Land

Over in the land of future Jedi and stuff, that big E-Ticket is pushing forward with more vertical construction in multiple forms.  The building continues to grow, and the circular pit has now risen above ground level like a construction sarlacc.  One that's probably looking for food.  But you won't find any here, because this is just dirt and steel and concrete, and there's no food in this update.

Rivers of America Progress

Light was dimming as I made a quick dash into Disneyland Park on Sunday, so these pictures are pretty crummy.  Not to be confused with crumby, which is what bread might be.  But there's no bread here, because this update has no food.  Instead, it's got some rockwork and a railroad trestle and glimpses of what the revamped Rivers of America will kind of look like once it reopens this July.

Other Non-Food Things

A few other minor construction projects and park updates round out today's update.  Also part of work around the parks but not photographed because I didn't make priority to go around to each attraction: MaxPass machines are being installed at all attractions that currently have FastPass, and FastPass machines are being installed at the Matterhorn Bobsleds and Toy Story Midway Mania.  This is part of the new generation of FastPass systems coming to the Disneyland Resort later this year, as outlined a couple of months ago on the Disney Parks Blog.

If you liked the end of this update, because flowers were the closest thing to food in this update, stay tuned for an report from the Borrego Super Bloom happening right now in the desert around the Anza Borrego area.  The recent heavy rains have created ideal conditions for millions of wildflowers to sprout out of what's normally brown, lifeless-looking sand and dirt.  And it's a pretty nifty thing!

And to the five of you who noted that flowers can be food--hush you.  Don't get in the way of my gimmick with your so-called facts!

Foo bah!!

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