Disneyland Resort Update: Lightspeed Construction

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

What do we want?  More Disneyland Resort updates!!
When do we want them?  Yesterday!!

Well, yesterday was about Knott's so your patience is being rewarded today, as we take a look at what has transpired at the Disneyland Resort since our last visit.  And in a couple of words: a lot.  "Star Wars" Land in particular seems to have undergone a noticeable spurt in the past ten days, with the First Order attraction gaining significant vertical square footage.  Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy has shed most of its scaffolding skin, which means the rush is primarily inside as the workers get the attraction ready for next month's re-debut.  The Rivers of America continues to hum along as well.  Only a few more months before everything there is scheduled to open!

"Star Wars" Land

Sooner or later, the view of progress from the Mickey and Friends parking structure is going to be inhibited as the First Order attraction grows taller and more expansive and starts to block sightlines of the main promenade of this future land.  But for now, we can still see.  That may not be for long, though, as the areas around what I've previously nicknamed the "pit" and the "trench" move upward.  Plenty of structural steel framing has been added the past week plus, and foundation work is extending southward.  Meanwhile, the bridge for the Disneyland Railroad under which the Critter Country entrance will pass has been progressing.  And, we can see more groundwork around the Millennium Falcon site!

Rivers of America

This part of park construction has always been in phases, and we're starting to see more finished work show up if you know where to look.  The crest of the walkway around Splash Mountain allows one peek over the construction walls to the Rivers of America.  The trees over by Big Thunder Mountain allow another.  And the finished work we can see looks pretty nice and rustic, blending in well with the existing surroundings.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!

The scaffolding is pretty much all down now.  Exterior-wise, it appears that all that's left are the lowest building volumes.  Only the construction walls remain in place, and that monumental schedule that Disney set to complete the exterior renovations certainly looks like it will be well completed by the time the ride's Memorial Day Weekend official opening date rolls around.  Love it or hate it (and to be sure, many people are in the latter camp), the ride's not going anywhere.  And I still think the actual experience and interiors will be pretty fantastic and enjoyable--assuming people can get over the wrapping.

Other Things

I noticed a couple minor items as I walked around the park on Sunday, mainly related to refurbishments and their domino effect.  Here's a brief list.

While I made sure to photograph the latest at "Star Wars" Land and Guardians Tower during my visit this past weekend, that wasn't my primary objective in visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.  Instead, it was yet another edition of Dapper Day that held my camera's attention.  On Sunday, thousands of Disney fans came together dressed in their Sunday finest, their most creative derivative Disney character outfits, and their most elegant vintage attire to take in the spirit of going to parks back in the mid-century days.  Dapper Day Spring 2017 was another successful venture, but to see how things turned out, you'll have to come back tomorrow.

I know, such a tease, isn't it?

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