Disneyland Resort Update: Random References, Bad Puns, and Creative Descriptors Edition

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Wait a moment... this isn't right.  You're reading a Disneyland construction update, but it's... Thursday?  Well, real life and work prevented me from visiting the parks last weekend, but I also had two more tabs from the Food & Wine Festival Sip and Savor Pass that I needed to use, and I won't be able to visit the Resort this upcoming weekend, since I'm venturing to the land of the hipster snowflake raver attention grabbers known as Coachella (don't be offended, Coachellagans, that was written ironically), so yesterday evening ended up being my sole chance to stop by and grab a couple more bites to eat from this year's generally fantastic Food & Wine Festival.  The result (after you catch your breath from the preceding sentence): you get a "bonus" construction update!

"Star Wars" Land

Whether we can see it from our standard perch or not, "Star Wars" Land is growing, and more and more stuff is coming out of the ground.  The First Order attraction has gained more steel and more vertical construction on opposite ends of its footprint, and an additional pad that may or may not be part of the same building is also taking shape.  All the while, another attraction is rising in plain sight--sort of.

A Clarification...

I've been calling that little building they're constructing that's northeaest of the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure a "transportation" building, because it's backstage and located next to parking and trams, which is basically where Disney transportation has its "home."  But as some readers either implied or pretty much stated, it's more related to Disney security.  The grassy area is probably a little outdoor yard for the canines that patrol the Resort.  Anyway, the building's basically done--at least on the outside.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!

Over in California Adventure, that giant petrified hammerhead shark stood up on its tail and apparently projecting a major acid trip attraction, otherwise known as Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!, continues to have more and more of its exterior finishing up and revealed.  The ride has also begun testing.  I didn't snag a photo of it, but yesterday afternoon, I did notice the elevator shaft doors on the building facade opening and closing in the same manner as when the Tower of Terror reaches the point before it's biggest drops.

Wrapping Up Food & Wine

This weekend will be the final weekend of the Food & Wine Festival at DCA.  The event has been largely successful, though a couple of weeks ago, at the height of spring break, I finally encountered some issues with certain food items running out at multiple stands while long lines built up.  Still, overall, I've enjoyed the offerings and am pleased that Disney has also eased up on the pricing a little bit.  It's still more expensive than it really should be, but at least that upward trajectory we were seeing with specialty foods seems to have halted.

And that, my friends, is that.  A special mid-week edition and "casual" recap of what's going on around the parks.  Well, at least the major things.  Hope you enjoyed the post!  And now, I'm off to join the desert people, the flower children, the Little Monsters, the Radioheadheads, the glampers, the oontz-oontzies, and all the other masses who congregate at a polo field complex east of Palm Springs this time of year. 

Goo gah!!

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