Disneyland Resort Update: Crane-Mania!!

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA

Every time we go two weeks between updates, significant change seems to sprout around the Disneyland Resort.  Today, we're going to concentrate on the westward expansion at Disneyland Park, fittingly along its own frontier, as we tackle continued "Star Wars" Land progress and look at work going on around the Rivers of America.  For the first, a 2019 premiere date will roll around more quickly than most might think.  For the second, a target at reopening the River this summer is keeping things humming along.  All the while, more construction cranes continue meander into the Resort, as though Disneyland saw the crane that impeded the views of Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle from time to time and thought, "Yeah, I can beat that." 

"Star Wars" Land

Steel has been the biggest actor in this play over the past couple of weeks.  Both the First Order and Millennium Falcon attractions have grown significantly since our last visit.  There are multiple cranes around the area of different sizes across the skyline from our Mickey and Friends Parking Structure view.  It feels like the pace of construction is starting to kick into a new gear.

The steel framing footprint of the First Order attraction has reached rectangular status after a while in which the building seemed more like an "L."  The beams and columns haven't been fully installed yet, but the progress is enough that over on the north side of the building, light gauge metal framing is going up to support the actual walls inside the building.  Meanwhile, foundation work and concrete walls continue to be formed on the south side of the building extents, with relatively sizeable walls rising up in their own right!

The bridge for the Disneyland Railroad that will also function as the gateway for the Critter Country entrance to "Star Wars" Land saw a new development, as wood trusses were added to create the impression of an old fashioned trussed railroad bridge.  Along the same area, some new grading and concrete retaining walls have sprung up beside the tracks and on the back side of future "Star Wars" Land, giving some indication of layout for this part of the land.

Plenty of steel has arrived for the Millennium Falcon attraction building too.  Things are starting to connect together, as the Fantasyland and Rivers of America sides of the building grow toward each other. 

Elsewhere along the site, things have been tidied up a bit.  That berm that separates "Star Wars" Land and the Rivers of America seems to get just a little bit denser with more trees each time I check.  It's sort of subtle, but the vegetated wall will create a pretty nice visual barrier for the upcoming reopening Rivers of America before the completion of "Star Wars" Land fully completes the scene's perspective from the park side.

"Rivers of America"

Over on the Rivers of America, work seems to be focused on two areas: along the backside anywhere abutting "Star Wars" Land, and also on Tom Sawyer Island itself, where it looks like testing and adjusting is ongoing for FANTASMIC! 2.0.  The past couple of visits, I've seen the fountain rigs up in maintenance mode, while workers have been on the island itself working on all the hidden stagecraft systems and infrastructure that have been enhanced for the new version of this beloved classic show.  With bigger fountain screens, sharper projections, and promises of new effects, things should be visually stunning when the show and the Rivers as a whole return later this summer!

That does it for today's Disneyland update, but we'll cover a few other developments around the resort later this week, including a look at the opened Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! attraction.  Beyond that, we also have an exclusive look at some new offerings up north, over at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, which debuted their first new tour in decades over Memorial Day weekend in the form of the Explore More tour.  And, alright, so the look won't technically be exclusive, but since guests aren't normally allowed to take photos inside the house tours, it kind of will be?

Fun things to looking forward to as we've reached June and march on toward summer.

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