Disneyland Resort Update: Winter Construction Catch-Up Downtown Disney Edition

Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA

Welcome to the second part of our three-part Disneyland Resort construction update!  If you missed the first part about Disneyland construction work, click here.  If you already read it, great!  Lets move onto Downtown Disney and check out the latest developments and recent announcements regarding several properties in this shopping and dining promenade!


This mid-century themed bowling alley was supposed to open yesterday, but they postponed their official grand opening due to "a few more tests and adjustments to make."  In other words, they weren't quite ready to open yet, despite the previously announced January 29th opening date.  Based on my visit on Sunday, I suspect there were a few punch list items and probably some systems testing related to building occupancy requirements that weren't quite fulfilled.  It happens, but I imagine the bowling alley and restaurant will be open pretty soon--perhaps even within a week.  In the meantime, check out what it looks like in it's all-but-complete state.

Changing Tenants

Over the past few months, Disney has also announced changes to several long-standing properties on site, and these changes are finally starting to come to pass.  Build-a-Bear and Ridemakerz have finally closed down, to be replaced with a Ballast Point brewery and Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes (seems a bit redundant, but alright).  D-Street has also shuttered its doors, to be replaced with a Disney home store.  And Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria is expanding its outdoor patio to include a new outdoor bar and upgrading its kitchen with pizza oven upgrades.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire Opens

Finally, earlier this month, The Void and ILMxLAB opened Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.  This fully immersive virtual reality attraction combines real sets and VR technology to take guests into the world of Star Wars and put them into roles a actual characters within everyone's favorite galaxy.  For more information and to buy tickets, go to their web site.  The experience is definitely worth it!

Chip & Dale Parking Lot Work

Finally, because I couldn't stick this anywhere else, there appears to be some work being done to the Chip & Dale part of the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure property.  Enough to apparently close off the lot from public use.

Although it's always a little tough to see change occur to things we're all used to, I think it's exciting to see these new properties and tenants coming to or already arriving in Downtown Disney.  And while some of the old faces will be missed, these new food and booze establishments should serve to further attract more guests.  It is a business, after all, and Disney is always looking to increase profits.  On the other hand, people generally enjoy good beers and food, plus all things Disney.  So the new changes aim to satisfy those patterns.

That's it from Downtown Disney.  We have California Adventure left in our whirlwind catch-up of winter construction.  Look for a pair of DCA updates coming soon this week!

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