Disneyland Resort Update: Winter Catch-Up Disneyland Edition

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA

Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort, folks! It's been about a month and a half since we last stopped by here, and in that short-for-most-people-but-long-for-us time period, there has been a lot of changes around the Disneyland Resort.  So much so that we're actually breaking up our Resort update into three parts--one for each park plus another for non-park-related Resort items.  Even though our Disneyland Resort construction updates tend to run long, I had so many photos that the update was getting long even for me.  Thus, we're taking things in pieces.

First up, Disneyland Park, where "Star Wars" Land continues to progress, and the rest of the park is in full "off-season" refurbishment mode!  There are plenty of work walls all around Walt's original Magic Kingdom, so lets zip through what's going on at lightspeed!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

The First Order and Millennium Falcon ride/show buildings have been completely enclosed, and a lot of focus seems to be centered around the rock spires that will mark the skyline of Galaxy's Edge.  Workers have been busy installing lath and spraying the cementious plaster that will form the rockwork of Batuu, the distant outpost planet that serves as the setting of Disneyland's Star Wars expansion.  The more developed spires are even at a point where they appear ready for color treatment!

Main Street Retracking

An extensive refurbishment of the horse-drawn street cars on Main Street has commenced and is expected to last the next month and a half or so.  For the first time ever, the complete track is being replaced, with brick pavers highlighting the track course similar to the pavement pattern on Buena Vista Street.  This job will occur in two segments.  Currently, the majority of Town Square and The Hub have been walled off to allow the replacement of track and pavement in those respective areas.  After that is done, the length of Main Street itself will receive its streetcar track makeover.  If you want pretty photos down Main Street, U.S.A, you're going to have to wait till March!

Fantasyland Refurbishments

Fantasyland is seeing its fair share of upgrades too.  Dumbo is receiving a relocated queue and new shade structure and will be down through the early spring period.  In addition, the mall area in front of It's a Small World is receiving some significant refreshing in the form of a new queue, adjusted parade route and entrance, and a new stroller area.  The changes are designed to improve guest circulation through the park, similar to the changes in Adventureland last year.  These small gestures are undoubtedly being done in part to address existing crowd issues but also to prepare for the crush of people once "Star Wars" Land opens a year and a half from now!

As you can see, it was pretty dark by the end of these photos.  So not photographed are the fact that Haunted Mansion has returned to its regular, non-Nightmare Before Christmas self.  In addition, Splash Mountain is down for its annual mid-winter refurbishment.  The flume at the drop actually seems like it's been disassembled more than in prior years too, so it appears that there's a bit more TLC being applied this time.

That does it for construction at Disneyland Park for this week.  But we've got similar updates from Downtown Disney and Disney California Adventure coming up.  Plus, we'll still be taking a look at DCA's Lunar New Year celebration, and we'll round out the week with a look at Knott's Berry Farm's Peanuts Celebration.  Yes, it may be the off-season, but as Southern California theme park goers know, there really is no true off-season anymore.  There's always something going on, which at least keeps things fresh for us locals!

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