Disneyland Resort Update: Space Rocks Edition

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA

Hey folks! We're doing things a little bass ackwards this week and ending with the Disneyland Resort construction updates.  Don't worry, though, I promise this update is going to rock!  I know that normally, the Disney updates start the week, but things were getting stagnant, and I wanted to do something a little boulder.  We've got a gem of post about "off-season" construction at the Happiest Place on Earth, and even though the return of these geology puns might be a little rough, I promise that the content will still be marblelous--regardless of whether you're reading this sober or stoned.  

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

With the ride buildings being pretty much enclosed at this point and blocking any insight into the progress of the First Order and Millennium Falcon attractions, the most visible progress has come in the form of the rockwork rising up to mask the fronts of the buildings.  Batuu is quite the mountainous planet, and those rocky spires keep sprouting.  Plenty of steel and framework and mesh lath to create a whole galaxy of a world coming next year!

Mickey and Friends Tram Area Construction

In other news, the Mickey and Friends tram area is getting some pavement replacement, so things might be a little fenced off for guests.

Main Street Trolly Re-Tracking

Main Street has turned into Maze Street, as the construction walls have extended from both Town Square and The Hub to meet at Center Street.  This is very unconducive to parades, but fortunately, none are scheduled until April, when this work wraps up.  But it's definitely a barrier through the entire entry spine of the park, and though there are pass-through's every so often, the extend of the walls makes them hard to find until you practically come upon them.  This is the park's reality for the next couple of months.

Splash Mountain Refurbishment

And remember when I mentioned last week that Splash Mountain is down?  Well, it's DOWN.  The entire drop has been taken out, and who knows where else the flume is being replaced.  This is a more extensive Splash Mountain project than most years see, but good TLC is always welcome, especially on a high-wear-and-tear water ride and beloved classic like Splash!

That's it for to...night.  We'll be back tomorrow with Downtown Disney and California Adventure.

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