Disneyland Resort Update: Mostly Star Wars Land

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Happy 7/11 Day!  Did you get your free Slurpee?  Yeah?  Well, don't you love free things.  What a freeloader.  I hope you're proud of yourself.  Why don't you go out and get some exercise/play Pokemon Go or something, rather than waste your time away reading another non-holiday Monday Disneyland update?  Oh, you mean you want to read this?  Well, then... carry on... 

Today, we look at new things at the Disneyland Resort again.  It'll be a short one, because we're pretty much done catching up from the items that transpired during the course of this site's downtime.  That and I mistimed something last Friday that prevented me from taking more pictures to pad this post.  But hey, that just means more content for next time, right?  Without further ado...

"Star Wars" Land

It's official! "Star Wars" Land has gone vertical!!! This monumental (???) event happened the middle of last week when concrete formwork was erected (hehe) on a small part of the massive 14 acre site.  Aside from that, work continues with earth moving and the preparation of foundations.

Oh, and Disney also released a new concept art piece of the future land for you to over-analyze!

The Rivers of America

Since the Rivers are half drained right now to accommodate re-routing, Tom Sawyer Island has come under refurbishment.  Tarp is up to conceal what appears to be cosmetic touch-up and make sure the play zone is in prime condition when everything reopens early next year.  There could even be a chance that the Rivers of America, associated attractions, Tom Sawyer Island, FANTASMIC!, and Disneyland Railroad open late this year, in time for the holidays, though that is extremely unofficial and simply based on a Friday conversation with a conductor of the Railroad.  An earlier reopening would be cool, though.

Fantasyland Skyway Chalet

Something happened to something that once was here.

Other Things

Some of the facades in New Orleans Square along the Disneyland Railroad station is currently getting cosmetic work done.  Over in California Adventure, guests can catch an extended sneak peak of the upcoming remake of Pete's Dragon.  On the Rivers of America during the evenings, live jazz music has returned aboard the river rafts.  This hasn't really happened since they stopped the practice before FANTASMIC! shows some number of years ago, but it's a welcome return.  Finally, not pictured, security lines are once again routing all guests through metal detectors.  At least this was the case this past Friday and the previous Saturday I visited.

An Opportunity Frozen

So I was going to take a bullet for the team and finally check out the Frozen musical at the Hyperion Theater.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot that it was still requiring Fast Passes for entry and also arrived too late to catch the standby line.  So no pictures of the show... yet.  In the mean time, never forget...

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