Disneyland Resort Update: "Star Wars" Land Goes Vertical / Only the Facts

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Hi folks! Welcome to February and another construction update from the Disneyland Resort.  Now, we had a lot of fun last month using various gimmicks to discuss the progression of dirt, and it seems like the general reaction was pretty positive to the entertainment.  But a small minority did question the lack of actual facts and information in these updates.  And even though at such an early stage, there's not much to do more than empty speculation, and there's only so much I can say about dirt being moved around and foundations being poured, and the gimmicks were obviously meant to be silly, this small and vocal minority has a point.  We at Westcoaster pride ourselves in presenting correct and proper information to our reading public.  We'd never want to stoop to "fake news" and "alternative facts" or engage in tabloid journalism.  So today, we will make sure that any facts we display are 100% real.

"Star Wars" Land

A week and a half ago, a wild construction crane appeared.  It used "steel erection" (teehee).  It was super effective!  And in just a short a mount of time, "Star Wars" Land has progressed on noticeable architectural progress.  To say it's just now "going vertical" is not technically correct, since grading and site walls and piles have been under the process of construction for a while.  But in terms of attraction buildings that will enclose things of guest experience--this is the start of a new chapter in the saga of Disneyland's biggest expansion ever.  Plus, last week, Disney officially announced that "Star Wars" Land will be opening in 2019.  Exactly when is uncertain.  My guess would be the traditional start-of-summer season target.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!

Speaking of glimpses, this past weekend provided a glimpse of the ex-Tower of Terror, as the first view of the facade of Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout! (say that three times fast) was peeled back.  The covered scaffolding appeared to be lifted away just a bit to show guests a sneak preview of what's to come in May, and, well, I'll just let you make your own conclusions.

Rivers of America

Meanwhile, the wraps are (mostly) off at the Rivers of America.  Other than the Sailing Ship Columbia, most of the tarps around the area are gone, especially around Tom Sawyer Island.  This suggests that the TLC refurbishment the island has been receiving the past few months is complete or just about so, though I doubt it will reopen ahead of the Disneyland Railroad reopening in the summer.  There's still work on the backside of the river to be done.

The Return of AP Days

It's February, which means that AP Days are back.  This is basically a little event exclusive to Annual Passholders that provides little perks and opportunities for AP holders.  There are free souvenirs such as decorative pins and recipe cards for dishes inspired by or made at restaurants around the Disneyland resort, a little lounge area, plus meet-and-greets with rare Disney characters.  It's a small gesture, but it functions as a thank you for the Annual Passholder community.

Around the Parks and Resort

The refurbishment season continues, as rides go offline for a few weeks to receive their annual maintenance.  As a year-round park, Disneyland does not benefit from a closed off-season during which said seasonal parks can perform their maintenance.  Thus, they need to rotate their attractions for that routine service.

Refurbishment work is ongoing at Disney California Adventure too--mainly at Grizzly Peak.  While I was there, I also caught more fun guest interactions with Chip and Dale, who you may recall were the focus of some photos in our Lunar New Year Celebration update.  They're really the greatest.

Over at Downtown Disney, the old House of Blues building is still torn down, with no sign of new construction behind the work walls for its replacement, the Splitsville bowling alley.  Also, the work walls in front of Curlsurf--the replacement for Quiksilver--are down, which means it should be opening soon.

And Finally...

This is the time of the year when Disneyland goes to the birds.  In the afternoons and early evenings, the Rivers of America are inundated with a swarm so fowl that Albert Hitchcock would be proud.  Don't worry, they're not here to bring about your doom, even though the sight may be intimidating.  Or are they?  Who knows.  I don't know enough about avian doomsday portending to provide any facts.  I'll just let you draw your own conclusions.

And that does it for a fact-based Disneyland update.  Unless indicated, everything mentioned today was a fact that is totally true, and not a fake rumor, political satire, or South Park reference.  In true American fashion, we are appeasing the low minority complainant, and we hope that this meets satisfaction.

(...Wait, you can't please everyone on the internet?  Ah crap.)

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