Disneyland Resort Update: Star Wars Land, Rivers of America, and Around the Park

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA

Welcome back to our regularly schedule Monday Disneyland report! After a week of Midsummer Scream updates, we'll take a break from the spooky and look at... well, it's still dirt, guy.  I don't know what else to say.  Dirt, and concrete, and rebar noodles, and stuff behind scaffolding, and more dirt, and rocks.  So we might as well check things out.

"Star Wars" Land

In the two weeks since we last glimpsed this, a LOT more concrete has gone up.  There are concrete columns, more walls, addition to previous walls, and more infrastructure being laid [ED NOTE: BAAAAAHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA HE SAID LAID - JD].  The construction crew is not really wasting any time, it seems!

Rivers of America

Work continues around Tom Sawyer Island.  Harper's Mill has received a nice coat of paint, and I actually like the new rustic green wood aesthetic a lot.  Maybe it's because it's a change of pace.  The rocks and boulders have been aged and weathered again, so that they don't stand out as drastically.  Further back on the island, there is plenty of scaffolding up for paint and work on the rest of the play areas.  It'll be great having things spick and span when the island opens back up.

I haven't previously mentioned it, but the Mark Twain has also offered some entertainment while it's docked during the Rivers' closure.  Princess Tiana is often on hand for meet-and-greets and autograph signings.  In addition, the Royal Street Bachelors also have several shows daily playing some great live jazz.  Seats have been set up on the second level to allow guests to enjoy the wonderful music, and I think this is a great enhancement of the riverfront atmosphere!

Around the Park

The Shooting Exposition in Frontierland is down for refurbishment. The Disneyland College All-Star Band continues to put on spirited performances up and down Main Street, so check them out before the summer ends if you have a chance.  

And that wraps things up for today!  Hope you enjoyed the update.  I know it was a little longer than usual, but thanks for bearing with all of that.  There are a lot of angles of construction to capture, and I really wanted to catch 'em all.


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