Disneyland Resort Update: Dapper Changes

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

This week has been devoted to spooky Halloween content the first two days, but yesterday, for many people, the country got a jolt of real potential horror.  So we're going to switch gears and head over to the Happiest Place on Earth for a check-up and construction update on some of the things that have been happening over there since we last stopped by (during the daytime).

"Star Wars" Land

Construction continues for the future home of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  Crews have been working overtime (already) at certain points over the past month to keep pace with the schedule.  A lot of the work has focused along the backside of the Rivers of America, which must be completed before next year's summer season.  As such, we're starting to see tangible structure for the railroad tressle and waterfall and rockwork area.  But other features, such as the main entrance into the land and show building infrastructure and volumes, are starting to develop.

New Security Checkpoint

A few days ago, Disneyland announced that they would be expanding security checkpoint areas to encompass Downtown Disney and the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure area.  The benefit will be the elimination of a security check for guests exiting the park area and entering Downtown Disney, but this will mean increased delays and hassle for not only park visitors but Downtown Disney shoppers.  The changes should take place early next year, so get ready to increase the required patience level when visiting the Disneyland Resort.

Rivers of America

Work on Tom Sawyer Island continues. Curiously, now the front area has been concealed behind tarp, when it wasn't before during repainting.  I'm not quite sure why, but I suppose there's a good reason for the inconsistency.  There's plenty of time to finish the work here, and the TLC for the island is starting to make it look pretty nice again.

Tower of Terror

The transformation of the Hollywood Tower Hotel into the Guardians of the Galaxy: Breakout! show building has entered its burka stage, with copious scaffolding and tarps enveloping the iconic structure.  The ride itself continues to operate and will do so until January 2nd, then go down completely for an interior remodel as well.

Around Hollywood Land

All that nighttime concert infrastructure for past events such as ElecTRONica and Mad T Party has finally been shuffled away, as Hollywood Land returns to its base state for the first time in years.  It seems like Disney decision makers have finally afforded that this area no longer needs a nighttime dance party experience.  It certainly won't once it makes its inevitable longterm transition to a Marvel-themed land. 

Festival of Holidays Prep

Tomorrow begins the Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure, which will kind of be like the winter version of the Food and Wine Festival.  The same collection of booths along the main thoroughfare from Carthay Circle to Paradise Pier will offer food and drink and treats, and these booths were already on hand last weekend.

Fall Dapper Day

This past Sunday was also the fall iteration of Dapper Day, a twice-a-year gathering of Disney fans who dress up in vintage or fancy garb to relive the era when guests treated Disney visits like special occasions and came to the park in more formal clothing.  It's a throwback to a bygone era, and it's a fun and lovely experience.  These days, the event seems to be dominated by Disney Bounders, guests who visualize fashion palettes that do not imitate Disney character costuming exactly but rather allude to them via colors and patterns.  It's actually a pretty creative endeavor, because some DisneyBounding outfits can be pretty subtle.  Half the fun is guessing whether someone is Disney Bounding or just dressed up.  Either way, it makes for a special time at the parks!

For those interested, the next Disneyland Resort Dapper Day is April 23 next year.  Dapper Day also holds events in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris, also in the spring and fall each year, but on different dates.

That's it for the Disneyland Resort this week.  We'll return to Halloween things to close out our 2016 coverage tomorrow, but before I leave you, I have an soapbox to get on.

Yesterday, the U.S. held a little presidential election, as it has done every four years for the past 240, and in a massive upset of historical proportions, orange became the new black (not my original joke, obviously).  This has caused a lot of consternation, and understandably so.  But regardless of whether you are an ardent supporter of our new president-elect or fear that he will tear apart our very society as we know it, keep in mind that fear, divisiveness, hate, and dismissal are what got us to where we are today, with a presidential result that is so generally unbelievable that it seems like something out of a comedy sketch. 

So with that in mind, instead of reacting back with more of the same negative emotions and feelings that have brought us to this point, I urge everyone to embrace compassion and consideration.  This goes for people of any political allegiance.  Develop understanding and care for your fellow human being, even if you have differing viewpoints on politics or social issues.  We can all be decent people to each other despite our differences.  Don't let politicians dictate your life or your behavior.  Focus on what you can control, and be nice to one another.

Remember that light always overcomes darkness.  So hold light in your hearts.

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