Disneyland Resort Update: From Jakku to Arendale

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Welcome to another Disneyland Resort update!  Before we begin, a few housekeeping notes:

  • I am terrible at identifying non-obvious musical instruments. I love music but am not knowledgeable.
  • Apparently that "Star Wars" Land satellite photo was posted on WDW Magic a month ago.  I didn't see it till more recently, so ah well.  But giving credit where it's due.
  • After consecutive weeks of unintentional gaffs in these updates, I have intentionally placed an incorrect statement somewhere in this update.  Lets see if you can find it.
  • Based on last week's Disney update, our readers may be even more immature than we are.  I take that as a challenge.

"Star Wars" Land

Construction continues.  There's more dirt that's been moved around, more vertical building elements put up, more noodles for Guy Selga and other rebar aficionados, and more site infrastructure pieces delivered.  It's going to look like this for a while, so that also means plenty of jokes by everyone in the world about how they're really just building a Tatooine or Jakku land.

A Disney Security Update

A few weeks ago, we reported that all guest entry was being subjective to metal detector screening, rather than randomized screenings.  But then the Resort went back to randomized.  Well, the past two weeks, it's been everyone again (at least when I've gone through).  So again, budget extra time to get into the parks.

Frozen: Live at the Hyperion

We've been leading up to this for weeks.  Over the weekend, I finally bit the bullet and waited to watch to new Frozen show that replaced the Aladdin show that ran for over a decade at the Hyperion Theater.  My thoughts are probably similar to many others.  Visually, the show is spectacular, with fantastic looking projections, Pepper's Ghost effects, a humorous aerial scene, and choreography reminiscent of Broadway productions.  Clocking in at around an hour, the show basically goes through the major scenes of the movie, hitting all the big song numbers, with some musical reprises here and there.  The cast is solid but not Broadway quality, and there are some fun humorous elements--though the improv nature brought by Genie in the Aladdin show is no longer present.  Kids will love it, because it's Frozen.  Adults will tolerate it because their kids love it.  It's a cute show, but not incredible.  So for those who don't care about stage shows, missing this is no big loss.  For those who do, it's fun but not a must-see.  So take that for what it's worth.

And that is it!  As always, comments and opinions are welcome in the form below.  I definitely enjoy reading what you say, even if it is to correct my mistakes.  Appreciate the attention, ya know? 

We'll have more travel and Halloween stuff this week, and maybe some other surprises.  Speaking of Halloween, if you've got nothing to do this weekend and enjoy congregating with other haunt fanatics, go check out the Midsummer Scream convention at the Long Beach Convention Center!  Westcoaster will be there, bringing you all sorts of news goodies.

Until then... Grü Bah!!

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