Disneyland Resort Update: R.I.P. Tower of Terror Signage

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Knott's Scary Farm update to bring you a... Disneyland Resort update.  And this might be the last one for a while, because with Halloween season heating up, we'll be visiting plenty of haunts all across Southern California and posting updates from these places.  And if you're wondering about what options you have, you should take a look at our 2016 Southern California Haunted Attraction Guide, which is frequently being updated as new information becomes available!  Seriously.  Check it out.  I put a lot of hard work into it, and it's pretty good stuff.

Anyway, because of all the spoopy, the Disneyland updates will be less frequent, so I figured it'd be good to post something today.  Plus, last week, something happened that sent shockwaves through the Disney fan community.  Scroll down to find out what--you won't believe that you were already told what it is by this update's sub-title!!

Around Downtown Disney

Friday parking was a bit of a mess, so I parked in Downtown Disney, since I knew my photo run would be relatively quick.  This allowed me to snap a few shots of the work going on in the area.

That Tower of Terror Business

In more shocking news, a week ago, in the darkness of the night, an evil crane stole into the Disney California Adventure property and nefariously removed the "HOLLYWOOD TOWER HOTEL" signage from the iconic ride.  Without so much as a warning, the ride was stripped of its identity, and its facade lade barren for all to see.  Great outrage was pronounced, as commentators everywhere rushed in quickly to denounce Disney for their "bad show" and defilement of a beloved ride before it even had the dignity of being formally closed.  And even more tragically, no one was apparently able to visually capture the moment when the building read "HO TOWER."

Around Disney California Adventure

Around DCA, AP Days continues, with a new pin and recipe cards available for Annual Passholders.  Not much else is really going on in the park... for now...

Disneyland and a Bit of Mickey's Halloween Party

Friday marked the first day of Mickey's Halloween Party for 2016.  Guests lined up in the afternoon dressed up to trick or treat and meet the villains and experience the park in costume.  For those who might be worried that Disneyland's recent dress code changes might impact the event (guests 14 years and older cannot wear costumes during normal park days), fear not.  The rules for the Halloween Party appear to be the same, and there were plenty of adults dressed up along with their kids.  Lets take a sneak peek at the festivities, plus some random work going on in the park. 

"Star Wars" Land

Finally, we head up high to Mickey and Friends to check out progress in Disney's Tatooine.  Work continues, as pits get deeper and more walls appear.  Plus, the drained portion of the Rivers of America is starting to turn into a bit of a mess.  But that's the necessity of a massive expansion and infrastructure rework. 

And Yet Another Reminder...

He is with us...

We'll come back to Disneyland next month with a look at this year's Mickey's Halloween Party event.  And maybe a construction update, if schedule permits.  Tomorrow, it's back to fog and darkness and haunts with a look at Knott's Scary Farm's scare zones. 

Goo bar!!

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