Disneyland Resort Update: Star Wars and the Beast

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

We've come to the last day of the month, but we've got another update from the Happiest Place on Earth for you before we leave.  This time around, we continue our coverage of "Star Wars" Land construction, take a peek at this week's AP Day's offerings, and conclude with a look at the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie cross promotion occurring at the park.

"Star Wars" Land

Another week brings more construction progress at the future home of all things Star Wars at Disneyland.  The big E-Ticket attraction continues to grow, as more of the show building structure gets put up.  There's also new vertical construction in the back corner of the site, by Mickey's Toontown, and the Rivers of America side continues to get work as crews race toward a summer opening deadline that will be here relatively soon.

AP Days Still Going Strong

Week three of AP Days continues with little enticements.  A new recipe card, a new souvenir pin, and some offerings that have been around since week one that I missed in previous updates!

Beauty and the Beast Comes to Disneyland

In celebration of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live action movie adaptation that opens on Friday, March 17, Disneyland has introduced several "limited time experience" tie-in's related to the beloved franchise, including a lot of delectable dining options!  At Maurice's Treats, over in Fantasy Faire, the Strawberry Rose Twist, Grey Stuff Twist and Red Rose Lemonade Freeze have been added to the menu.

In Fantasyland, between The Many Adventures of Pinocchio and Village Haus, the Royal Reception has opened, featuring Beauty and the Beast merchandise for fans to purchase.  Clothing, toys, and souvenirs are all offered.

And speaking of the Village Haus Restaurant, it has been transformed into the Beauty and the Beast-inspired Red Rose Taverne, complete with enhanced decor and a new menu full of enticing options.  The park has done a fantastic job with this overlay on a limited budget, furnishing the interiors with a cute collection of props and decorations that bring guests to that "poor provincial town" where Belle resides.  Plus, the new food offerings are pretty tasty and provide motivation to visit this nook of Fantasyland for those who are looking for alternatives to the Village Haus' traditional theme park food fare menu!

I didn't get to sample every single dish at the Red Rose Taverne, since that would have been a lot of food for me to eat, and several items, such as the Grey Stuff Gateau, were actually out when I visited.  In its first weekend, the reimagined restaurant has proven to be very popular, with long lines starting from the beginning of the day.  Those looking for the Grey Stuff ought to stop by early on to maximize their chances of getting it.  But for anyone looking for a rundown of all the food items, our friends over at Disney Food Blog have posted a comprehensive review of everything from the Red Rose Taverne. 

That's it for today.  Come back later this week for some different content, as we dive into some of Southern California's art and music scene as an exercise of Westcoaster's expanded content.  Until then, take care and be good people.


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