Disneyland Resort Update: Springtime Food and Fireworks

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Today's update is basically eye candy, to be perfectly obvious.  I had extra photos that technically relate to current goings on at the Resort, but combining them into yesterday's update would have just resulted in a little too many photos.  Yes, that's coming from me.  Speaking of eye candy, check out my Disney photo blog if you like these kinds of photos and more!  Cheap plug.

Anyway, lets take a look at three different current happenings around the Disney Resort!  Spoilers: they're identified in the title.

Spring Blooms at the Parks

It's officially spring, and for once, this has actually coincided with the blooms around the park actually peaking!  In recent years, the tabebuia blossoms have mostly come while it was still technically winter, but this year, they seemed to have all exploded into vibrant pinks at about the same time in actual spring!

Food and Wine Festival Continues

The Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure is still going on.  Check out our update on the event from a couple of weeks ago if you haven't really delved into the event yet.  It runs until Easter Sunday, April 16th, which means you have a few more weeks of delicious fooding still!

Remember... Dreams Come True... With Projections

Finally, in a bit of oldish news, Disneyland has resumed presenting the 50th anniversary Remember... Dreams Come True fireworks spectacular.  I would have photographed this earlier, but the show kept on getting cancelled due to wind when I tried to photograph it.

This fan favorite is currently playing daily.  Although it's the truncated version (excluding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad segment) that has been shown since after the Golden Anniversary concluded, this year's iteration has come with projections on Sleeping Beauty Castle!  Yes, in the tradition of all the fireworks shows that have been replayed since the introduction of Disneyland Forever (with the exception of Fantasy in the Sky), Remember... has gotten the 3D projection mapping treatment, and it looks fantastic!  The visuals bring new depth to the show, and though they're only visible at the castle, they're still a wonderful enhancement to a classic show.

That does it for this week at the Disneyland Resort.  There are plenty of things to do and see, as the past several updates have demonstrated.  Though if the crowd level at the parks have given any indication, guests certainly know about all the attractions!

Speaking of things to do and see, this weekend marks the kickoff of Knott's Boysenberry Festival.  This sort of complement to Disney's Food and Wine has grown into a great event in its own right and is bigger than ever.  It runs through most of April, so be sure to check it out.

I was also going to plug the Sabroso Festival, a concert, beer, and taco festival at Dana Beach occurring next next Saturday, April 8, but it's apparently sold out.  So oh well.

If I get around to it, though, you might see another post featuring a popular L.A. tourist destination this week.  But no promises this time.  Better to set your expectations low, since that's the Westcoaster way!

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