Disneyland Resort Update: Ninja Pun Edition

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Aaaaaaand... it's March!  Time flies when you're digging up dirt and pouring concrete and throwing up steel--and putting on seasonal events and such.  Lets take a look at what's happening at the Resort-Containing Walter Elias Disney Land this week!

"Star Wars" Land

More steel, more digging, more walls.  After an initial flurry when the structural steel framing for the main E-Ticket at "Star Wars" Land started going up, progression has been a little slower than I anticipated.  Whether that has to do with overall weather trends (though the past week was actually dry) or just my expectations, I'm not sure.  In any case, I spent this week trying to see if I could piece different perspectives than in previous updates.  Things keep chugging along, though as we get closer to the middle of the summer, we'll probably see more activity centered along the Rivers of America to get that ready for the return of the Disneyland Railroad in July (and presumably, all the Rivers attractions that come along with the package).

Remember... Dreams Come True with Projections

A few weeks ago, Remember... Dreams Come True made its return to the Disneyland Resort.  After the 60th Anniversary Celebration, the Disneyland Forever fireworks show was pulled off the entertainment schedule, replaced by Fantasy in the Sky (and Believe... In Holiday Magic during the Christmas season).  But as spring has slowly moved into season, the 50th Anniversary fireworks favorite has moved back in.  And like most of Disneyland's other firework shows that have been brought back, projections on Sleeping Beauty Castle have been added to enhance the spectacular.

Around the Resort

Finally, we've got some housekeeping business with some notes around the Resort and a couple of policy changes.  Plus, a quick peek at the upcoming Food and Wine Festival at DCA, which runs March 10 - April 16.  It will be another year of culinary events, special activities, and of course, plenty of limited-time tapas-style food offerings.  Not peeked at: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's new entrance structure, which got a bit of a makeover.  I'll grab a photo next week.

And that does it for this week at the Disneyland Resort.  We'll have something from the Broad Museum later this week (pushed from last week, due to lack of photo editing time on my part), and maybe some travel stuff if I can get around to it.  In the mean time, be cool to one another and don't be a jerk.  That should be a basic life rule, but surprisingly, many people ignore it.

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