Disneyland Resort: Guardians of the Fantasyland

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Today brings us part of this week's Disneyland Resort construction update.  If you missed yesterday's part one, you can catch up in the aforementioned link.  Today, we take a trip across the Esplanade to see the Guardians of the Galaxy ride in basically it's final exterior iteration before it opens to the public--since the work walls have come down.  Also, we pass through Fantasyland to see some updates to a few attractions in the area. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!

We're coming upon the final stretch, and the exterior of the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction looks just about complete.  The work walls have been taken down, and only a few barriers remain to block off the entrance and the old Tower of Terror signage and photo op.  In addition, the ride has received testing and adjustments for its nighttime lighting scheme, which is... Christmas color-y? 

Here's one last recap of the building facade before it opens.  Crazy to think that the Imagineers and construction workers were actually able to pull off this transformation in just little more than half a year.  Regardless of your opinion on the replacement (and most people probably have the same less-than-enthused reception), that is an incredible undertaking.

Snow White's Grotto

For the past few months, work walls have also surrounded Snow White's Grotto, beside Sleeping Beauty Castle, as the area has received extensive refurbishment.  Well, this past week, the grotto reopened, and the display looks significantly newer than it did.  There's a bit of a sheen that might be a little too nice looking, and Dopey's statue looks a little too much like its namesake, but the overall scene is pretty much the same--just with new statuettes.

The Matterhorn Bobsleds

The Matterhorn Bobsleds has reopened with Fastpass installed.  Early results seem to show the same FastPass effect as elsewhere--a net standby line increase in wait time, to allow FastPass users the convenience of strategic reservations.  On Friday, I saw the wait grow as long as 75 minutes.  Even after 11:00pm, the queue was broadcasting a 45 minute wait time.  Both times were about twice the amount of normal.  Although some amount of this can be attributed to fans flocking to the ride after its significant refurbishment, I would expect wait times overall to be longer than they were before FastPass for equivalent conditions.

Castle Holiday Shoppe

Remember that old sword shop in Fantasyland?  It closed a few months ago, and there was some speculation as to whether it might become part of Peter Pan's extended queue or be repurposed into a meet-and-greet, or turned into some other function.  Well, turns out it was just transformed into a different type of store, taking the leftover Christmas decorations from part of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and relocating them here.  So, there goes any speculation there.


We'll close out this update with some random tidbits.  Not photographed--there's an extended preview of Cars 3 available at the It's Tough to Be a Bug Theater in A Bug's Land.  It joins the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales preview in Hollywood Land.

That is it from the Disneyland Resort this week.  Some pretty noticeable updates seem to happen when we skip a week's visit.  Soon, it will be the summer season, and with that, more crowds.  And before you know it, the Rivers of America attractions and FANTASMIC! will be back.  And those will be welcome returns for all Disneyland fans.

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