Disneyland Update: The First Order Rises

Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA

Welcome to a galactic themed update from the Disneyland Resort.  No, not Guardians of the Galaxy.  I'm talking about a galaxy far far away.  Yes, "Star Wars" Land is gaining visual prominence from many angles around and outside the park, and today, we're going to find a few of them to show the progress being made.  The construction is starting to reveal the truly epic scope of this largest expansion in Disneyland Park history.  It's difficult to accurately communicate the scale of the project, but hopefully, a few new perspectives in today's update will make a decent attempt.

Firstly, though, lets set the mood for the monumental undertaking of the construction project with a little background music...

That's right.  Play that entire track as you're reading this update.  You can thank me later.

Escape from the First Order

The most eye-catching part of "Star Wars" Lands continues to be the First Order attraction.  Vertical construction is slowly connecting architecture that will stretch southward beside Disneyland Drive.  It wasn't but a few months ago that we were staring at circular pits and wide trenches.  And now, walls and columns and steel are rising out of them. 

Along the Berm

Progress continues along the berm between "Star Wars" Land and the Rivers of America.  It's just tough to see behind all the trees that keep springing up in the way.  But you can see that the rustic, rocky/wilderness look will form a pretty seamless transition between an area dedicated the frontier and one rooted in science fiction. 

By the Hungry Bear

The concrete bridge for the Disneyland Railroad span over the Critter Country entrance to "Star Wars" Land seems to be curing.  Meanwhile, here too, they seem to be moving more vegetation to obscure the view.  Of course, this a good thing.  It means that from within the park, angles to the outside world will be minimized--as Walt intended.

The Millennium Falcon Site

Over the past couple of months, construction of the Millennium Falcon attraction has proceeded hidden right in front of our eyes.  Of course, that's mostly because from the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, the attraction building footprint was obstructed by the trees lining Disneyland Drive and by its neighboring First Order ride.  But nothing at Disneyland remains hidden forever, and we're starting to see formwork and shoring rise up.  And if you happen to walk by a certain other location, the view is even more wide open...

That's it from the Disneyland Resort this week.  I only had a brief time to stop over on Saturday, so I decided to just peruse the perimeter instead of angles I don't usually shoot (in addition to the ones I do).  It's exciting to see the work progress, and before we know it, it will be time to debut the whole thing. 

Before we warp up today's update, there's one more order of business...

Boo bah!!

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