Disneyland Resort Update: Exit the 60th Anniversary, AP Days Return, and Construction Continues

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Howdy, folks!  Get ready for some Disney attention, because this past week brought the most changes at the park in quite some time--which means this week's Disney update won't just be about dirt and paint and tarps and writer's block allowing Jim to hijack the thread and turn it into complete absurdity! (Though, lets face it--we all missed that Westcoaster update irreverence, so even though it was ridiculous, it was also amazing.)

Anyway, I have so many photos that I'm actually splitting this week's Disney update into two.  Come back tomorrow to check out the Resort's Halloween offerings.  But for today, we're going to look at the general transition out of Disneyland's Diamond Anniversary celebration (plus more dirt and paint and tarps and such).

"Star Wars" Land

Guess what, guys?  It's still dirt.  And concrete.  And #PoopPipes.  But slowly, the land is making progress, as more walls go up, existing walls go higher, and now, giant pits are getting more defined.  Don't worry--there's still plenty of time to make Jakku and Tatooine jokes about the site anytime you pass someone looking at it!

Rivers of America

The front of Tom Sawyer's Island looks to be largely complete now, but work continues toward the back, in the less seen portions of the Island.  They have plenty of time for this, of course, since the Rivers aren't scheduled to reopen until well into next year, but I'm sure they're hurrying along here so that they can move onto other theming and repainting tasks like the railroad trestle and waterfall area along the new back turn of the Rivers.

Housekeeping Around the Parks

Various things continue going under refurbishment for touch-ups and quick cosmetic work.  In addition, the castle has quickly shed a lot of its 60th Anniversary make-up and looks mostly normal.  Mostly, but not completely.

Tower of Terror

Disney officially announced that the Tower of Terror will be closing after January 2 so that it can be bastardized into a completely out of theme eye sore that will infuriate the Disney fan base--I mean change into a new Guardians of the Galaxy adventure.  The word is now out on the street to get your rides while you can, although the timing is less vague in the banners.  There is also a "Late Check Out" experience ongoing that allows guests to ride the tower with absolutely zero effects, in total darkness, with only sound effects going.  I guess the appeal is that it is unique and sort of creepy.

AP Days

The month of September means AP Days are back! This program for the Annual Passholder community features special weekly pins, recipe cards, scavenger hunts, and meet-and-greets as a gesture of appreciation for AP's.  It's nothing really that extravagant, but and excuse to stop by nonetheless.  And over in Stage 12 at Hollywood Land, Annual Passholders can wait in line to see Mickey, Donald, and Goofy showing off their extravagant Halloween costumes (I didn't photograph this, however, because the line was much too long, and cast members wouldn't just let me sneak in and snag a few quick shots).

World of Color

Finally, with the 60th Anniversary celebration ending, World of Color: Celebrate has mercifully ended its run.  While it was a hyped part of the Diamond Celebration, it didn't really live up to its potential, at least in my eyes.  Neil Patrick Harris' dialogue often stalled the story (and I say this as someone who loves NPH), the sequences lacked flow, and the "Let It Go" segment was dazzling yet frustrating, considering it ate up as much time as the medley of all of Disney's other animated features.  And it wasn't that this show was bad, but after a couple of viewings, I never really had any interest to watch it again--as opposed to Paint the Night and Disneyland Forever, which were continually fantastic.

Anyway, OG World of Color has returned for the time being.  Although it's not truly OG... more like World of Color 1.3.  No Brave scene or Nightmare on Bald Mountain, and with the newest version of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequence (which is great, because more fire!), plus the visuals and technology utilized in WoC:C.  But close enough to the original that most people have labeled it that way.  It's good to have this version of the show back.

And that wraps up today's update.  Come back tomorrow for Disney spookiness in the form of the return of Halloween Time--the Resort's annual fall overlay.  As we delve into autumn, we will have plenty of visits and updates from Halloween things all across Southern California.  And if you're looking for something to do, don't forget to check out our SoCal Haunted Attraction Guide for ideas and information!

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