Disneyland Resort Update: We 'Member Construction Stuff

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Oh hey, guys!  Member when we talked about stuff happening at Disneyland?  I member, and though it's been a while, we're gonna show you some of what's been up so you member too!

"Star Wars" Land

Disneyland is going on with their biggest expansion in history, member?  It's more than dirt now.  Member those noodles?  They're not just noodles.  There's concrete and holes and lots of construction equipment.  Take a look, so you can member more.

New Security

Member hearing about the security changes around the Disneyland Resort?  If you don't member, know that over the holidays, Disney got rid of the security checks at the west side of the Esplanade.  Now, there are security checkpoints at the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, the ESPN Zone/Rainforest Cafe entrance into Downtown Disney, and the Earl Sandwich entrance into Disney.  You need to member that, because that means you need to pass security even if you're not going into the park.  It didn't used to be like that, member?  But that's the new system.

'Membering Tower of Terror

Member Good Tower?  Member Shiriki Tower?  Member DCA's Tower not being either of those?  Well, last Monday was Tower of Terror's final run.  Cuz it's getting turned into a new Guardians ride, member?  With Groot and Rocket Racoon and Starlord, member?  Oh, member the artwork for that horrific looking exterior?  Yeah, you member.  Cuz lines for the last day were like three hours long.  But don't worry, when the new version opens, people will member to get in line and wait a long time for it even though they protested on Twitter that they didn't want DCA Tower to close down.

I was gonna go shoot more of the park, like Rivers of America and Big Thunder Trail, but I didn't member.  Actually, it's because I ran out of daylight, and you usually need light to photograph things clearly, member?  But it's okay.  I'll member to photograph those things for the next update. 

That's the Disneyland Resort update for this week.  Member when Jim wrote updates?  And they were good?  Yeah, I member.  Those were good times.  But member, Jim didn't write this update, so you got a joke that was beaten to death, resurrected, and then beaten to death again and hung as an example.

One more thing to member: with the slow season for theme parks in coming up till the summer, you can expect to see more travel content.  Cuz I have lots of pictures of other places I've been too, and different theme parks too.  And I'll member to edit them and post them for your viewing pleasure.

Member to have a good week!

Mem bah!

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