Disneyland Resort Update: Super Reliable and Authentic Park News Edition

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Hey guys!  'Member back when everyone was 'membering stuff from their past and stuff?  Well, that was last week's gimmick, so no more of that.  Instead, this week, we will be pulling a Buzzfeed/CNN (depending on your point of view) and presenting our sort-of-regular Disneyland Resort construction update accompanied by a plethora of made up rumors, and maybe one real factoid.  Try to guess which one is the real one!

"Star Wars" Land

Last week, the photos I took were taken just after sunset, resulting in some pretty dull light.  Shooting in RAW helped to salvage some, but this week, I got to the Resort a little earlier, which allowed a little easier visibility of the construction site.  As a result, here's a clearer look at what's been going on in the future land of galaxy far far away.

Rivers of America

Conversely, the light was rather terrible by the time I made it into the park and got to the Rivers of America.  So the following photos are pretty drab.  But since we haven't really ventured by this area in a couple of months, I figured I'd snag some shots of the area anyway, which has now been mostly covered behind tarps as more touches are being added in and around the island.

Some Other Stuff

Elsewhere, the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort are finally over, so the park has returned to a state of norm.  This marks the start of Disneyland's... well, not off season, because the Resort doesn't really have much of that anymore.  But we'll call it "less busy" season.  That is, if you exclude Martin Luther King Day weekend, and the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities coming in a couple of weeks, and Presidents Day weekend, and the staggered span of spring break that will come up in a month and a half.  But generally speaking, it'll be relatively quiet, with rides going down for their regular maintenance cycles and conversions out of their holiday overlays.

And that does it this week from the Disneyland Resort. 

We'll have other content later this week from outside the country.  Or will we?  Stay tuned to find out.  Same West time, same West channel.

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