Disneyland Resort Update: Make Rivers of America Great Again

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Folks, we have a special treat today, as our Disneyland Resort construction update is being written by a very special guest, who reached out to us via Twitter to offer his services for a week despite his very, very busy schedule performing very important tasks of authority and leadership.  Our guest writer wishes to remain unnamed, because he is an exceptionally humble and subservient human being who avoids attention, but he wanted to assure everyone that he has the best and most exceptional of update writing credentials, and that he very much looks forward providing the very realest facts about what’s going on around the Resort.  Without further do, I present to you today’s very great, very tremendous update.

That wraps up today’s update.  Our guest writer will not be taking any questions and requests that comments and inquiries be directed to his newly appointed Secretary of Park Maintenance Quality and Standards,  Paul Pressler.

Thank you very much.

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